In The Close Election For Oregon Governor, Barack Obama Records A Campaign Ad For Candidate Kotek

Barack Obama, who served as president of the United States from 2009 to 2013, is getting involved in the contentious campaign for governor of Oregon by filming a commercial for the Democratic candidate, Tina Kotek.

As part of its efforts to encourage voters to hand in their ballots, the Kotek campaign will start sharing a video that is one minute long on social media sites on Friday. On Thursday, residents of Oregon began receiving their ballots, and they must either have a postmark on them by November 8th at 8:00 p.m. or be returned to a ballot drop facility.

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In the footage, President Obama is seen seated and speaking straight to the camera. He refers to Kotek as “the genuine deal.” He describes her campaign priorities of lowering housing and health care costs, protecting the environment, and supporting workers, as well as her legislation to raise the state minimum wage and pass the country’s strongest abortion protections. He also describes her legislation to pass the country’s strongest abortion protections.

Tina is aware that there are problems, but she is able to fix them. Always has been, always will be,” Obama remarked. “And she is the leader we need at this time,” the speaker continued.

In advance of the midterm elections on November 8, President Obama is campaigning in Atlanta, Detroit, and Milwaukee. He also filmed ads for candidates in Wisconsin, including Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes, as well as the nominee for governor in Arizona, Katie Hobbs.

Barack Obama Records A Campaign Ad For Candidate Kotek
Barack Obama Records A Campaign Ad For Candidate Kotek

Earlier this week, he made it clear that Alek Skarlatos, the Republican candidate for Oregon’s 4th Congressional District, does not have his support, despite the fact that Skarlatos has run multiple ads featuring Obama praising him in 2015 for helping to stop a terrorist attack. Skarlatos is running in spite of the fact that Obama praised him for helping to stop the attack.

As Democrats prepare for an election that is expected to be particularly challenging, other prominent Democrats from throughout the country are travelling to Oregon to mobilise voters. The campaign for governor, as well as the races for the 4th, 5th, and 6th congressional districts, are all seen as being competitive by political observers. According to the majority of surveys, the chances of victory are about the same for Kotek and Republican Christine Drazan.

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This past weekend, Vice President Joe Biden made the trip to Portland to host a fundraising event for Kotek. While there, he joined volunteers in their phone-banking efforts. The Democratic senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, will be the featured speaker at a rally in Kotek on Saturday, while the Independent senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, will be in Eugene on Thursday.

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