Major Hurricane Roslyn Is Headed Toward The Coast Of Mexico

Hurricane Roslyn attained the strength of a Category 4 storm on Saturday as it approached the shore of Mexico’s the Pacific Ocean, most likely to the north of the vacation destination of Puerto Vallarta.

Early Saturday morning, the National Hurricane Center in the United States reported that Roslyn’s maximum sustained winds had climbed to 130 miles per hour (or 215 kilometers per hour), and it was anticipated that these speeds would continue to strengthen.

The eye of the storm was located approximately 170 miles (275 kilometers) south-southwest of Cabo Corrientes, which is the point of land that protrudes into the Pacific Ocean south of Puerto Vallarta. The storm was headed in a north-northwesterly direction and was moving at a speed of 8 mph (13 kph).

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The forecast called for Roslyn to begin moving northward and then northeastward, putting it on a path that could bring it close to Cabo Corrientes and the Puerto Vallarta region on Saturday night or early Sunday before it made landfall in Nayarit state on Sunday morning. The path that Roslyn was expected to take was based on the assumption that it would begin moving northward and then northeastward.

Hurricane Orlene made landfall on October 3, a little further north in about the same region, about 45 miles (75 kilometers) southeast of the resort of Mazatlan. This was the second hurricane to make landfall in this general area this month.

The United States Hurricane Center reported that winds of hurricane force reached outward a distance of 30 miles (45 kilometers) from the center of Roslyn, while winds with tropical storm force extended outward a distance of 80 miles (130 kilometers).

Major Hurricane Roslyn Is Headed Toward
Major Hurricane Roslyn Is Headed Toward

Mexico has issued a hurricane warning for the Islas Marias as well as a portion of the coast extending from Playa Perula, which is located south of Cabo Corrientes, all the way up to El Roblito.

Breakfast was served at seaside restaurants in the Puerto Vallarta area and at smaller resorts located farther north on the Nayarit coast, both of which are in the path of Hurricane Roslyn, which is projected to make landfall there within the next few hours.

Even as clouds began to form in the sky, the waves did not change, and it didn’t appear that many people were running to take safety precautions.

Patricia Morales, a receptionist at the Punta Guayabitas hotel in the chill beach town with the same name, stated that “the place is full of tourists.” “The place is full of tourists,” When asked about the safety measures that had been taken, Morales responded, “They (the authorities) haven’t told us anything.”

The governor of the state of Nayarit has reported that the hurricane is likely to make landfall on Sunday near the fishing community of San Blas, which is located approximately 150 kilometers (90 miles) to the north of Puerto Vallarta.

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According to the National Water Commission, rains coming from Roslyn have the potential to trigger flooding and mudslides. In addition, the United States Hurricane Center issued a warning about the potential for dangerous storm surges near the coast, as well as 10 to 15 millimeters of rainfall.

The governor of the state of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, said on Twitter that all school activities scheduled for Saturday in the area would be canceled. He also asked people to avoid participating in tourist activities on beaches and in mountainous regions during the course of the weekend.

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