The Economic Impact of the Gun Industry in Oregon is Shown Here

The ownership of firearms has been an integral part of traditional American life not only since the founding of the country but also for a significant amount of time before that. Although there are some Americans who solely use firearms for hunting, sport, or the safety of their homes, there are also many others who are passionate about the Second Amendment and try to acquire as many firearms as they possibly can. The sale of firearms in the United States is a lucrative business, regardless of the quantity being transacted.

According to figures provided by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the number of weapons purchased by American citizens in 2021 was around 18.5 million, making it the second-highest annual total on record and only a marginal decrease from the record-high 21 million in 2020.

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Someone is making a lot of money off of these two years in a row of record-breaking gun sales, and that someone includes several states.

Oregon’s firearms industry is responsible for a total of 8,952 jobs, including 3,668 in manufacturing, sales, and distribution of firearms and ammunition, and another 5,284 in supplier and ancillary industries. This places Oregon at number 16 among the 50 states in terms of the number of jobs directly and indirectly generated by the firearms industry.

Economic Impact of the Gun Industry
Economic Impact of the Gun IndustryEconomic Impact of the Gun Industry

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In the year 2021, the gun industry in Oregon generated an anticipated $134.5 million in income from federal company taxes and paid out an average pay of $59,541 to its employees.

When taking into account wages and taxes as well as indirect contributions, the weapons industry in Oregon contributed $1.8 billion to the state’s overall production in 2021, placing it 15th among the states in terms of the total contribution.

All of the information shown here comes from the Shooting Sports Foundation’s analysis of the economic impact of the firearm and ammunition industry.

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