Smoke Warning Extended Until Monday; N95 Masks Provide Protection, Say Officials

As several fires continue to rage across Oregon and southwest Washington, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has decided to extend its air quality alert through Monday and add Polk, Yamhill, and Deschutes counties to its coverage area.

The counties of Columbia, Clackamas, Douglass, Lane, Linn, Marion, Multnomah and Washington continue to be included in the extended advisory’s coverage area. There is still a travel advisory in effect for Clark County in the state of Washington.

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On Thursday, the air quality in Portland was given a rating of 200, which denotes “extremely unhealthy,” at one point. On the website AirNow, users can check the most recent information on the quality of the air around them. Gov.

Oregon Officials in charge of public health advise people to remain indoors, particularly those who are considered to be at high risk. High-risk individuals include infants, young children, elderly adults, and pregnant women, in addition to those who suffer from heart and lung ailments.

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The dangerous particles in the smoke can be protected against by using an N-95 mask, but fabric, dust, and surgical masks will not do the trick.

The smoke may cause a person to experience a sore throat, coughing, stinging eyes, inflammation of the sinuses, exhaustion, dizziness, and difficulty breathing.

Triston Taylor, a man who works outside and has stated that he has experienced those impacts, nevertheless, he does not want to wear a mask going forward.

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Taylor explained, “I have asthma, so I often find myself feeling like I don’t have enough air to breathe.” “Man, I’ve worn out my welcome with masks; I should, but I don’t believe I’m going to bother anymore. If I were more concerned, there is a possibility that I might.

At least twenty per cent of people were seen on Thursday wearing an N-95 mask in the downtown area of Portland, and one man stated that he was required to wear a mask in order to just cross the street.

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