Squirrel To Blame For Power Outage That Affects Nearly 2,000 People In Oregon

On Tuesday, October 18, a squirrel was responsible for a power outage in Oregon, which resulted in the loss of electricity for approximately 2,000 people. On Tuesday morning, at about 10:42, residents of East Salem, Oregon were left without power. It started working again around noon.

A total of 1,952 clients were impacted by this issue. Portland General Electric was able to restore service in a reasonable amount of time, and they mentioned that it was unknown what the animal had been doing. It is not quite as serious as the previous event, in which a squirrel in Minnesota was responsible for a power outage that affected 9,000 people. But, still, squirrels will be squirrels, I suppose.

Raccoons were responsible for a power outage in Seguin, Texas, for the second time in the span of just three days earlier this month.

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After a raccoon broke into a substation on October 1st, the town was left without power for the whole day. Approximately two hours of total darkness fell upon the entire town. On the third of October, three days later, the same event transpired. A power failure was the result of tampering with a transformer by a raccoon. The power outage affected the city as a whole, including houses and businesses, as well as the traffic lights.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, the two separate instances were both caused by different raccoons. Sadly, both of them passed out from being shocked during the infiltrations.

While squirrels in Oregon cause mayhem, a police department in a small town in Texas finds humour in the sabotage of a raccoon substation.

Squirrel To Blame For Power Outage
Squirrel To Blame For Power Outage

The Seguin Police Department made a lighthearted post on Facebook, joking that “Ricky Raccoon” had been taken into prison following a series of failed attempts to damage a transformer. The message started out by stating that on October 1, 2022, at approximately 11:45 p.m..

There was a power outage throughout the entirety of the City of Seguin. “Following additional inquiry, the suspect was characterised as a male of mixed race, roughly 2 feet 9 inches tall and 35 pounds,”

The post featured an image created by an artist that depicted the suspect. The next part of the post stated, “The City of Seguin’s East substation was attacked once more by the electric bandits on October 3, 2022, about 8:45 o’clock in the evening.”

“With the assistance of the Seguin Electric Department, the Seguin Police Department was successful in apprehending Ricky Raccoon (3, Seguin). Ricky would not reveal whether or if he had any further participants in his scheme.

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The conclusion of the post was that “this is an ongoing investigation.” “And city departments are striving to ensure that our [furry bandits] do not strike again,” the sentence reads. “[Furry bandits] have been known to…”

After gnawing on the electrical wires, rodents start a grass fire that quickly spreads.

A small number of rats in Colorado started a bushfire about a month ago when they decided that chewing on electrical lines would be a good and enjoyable game. This is just one more example of animals playing with electricity. The blaze began in Waterton Canyon and was contained to an area of around half an acre.

The rodents chewed through the cables inside the electrical box, which caused sparks to fly into the canyon and ignite the dry vegetation that was there. West Metro and South Metro fire companies arrived on the site to assist with the fire that was going on. The firemen were able to put out the fire with the help of the night’s high humidity. The fire posed no danger to any of the structures or individuals that were involved.

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