Oregon Suffers A Deadly 60-car Pileup Due To A Foggy Morning Commute

On Wednesday morning, there was fog on a highway in Oregon, which contributed to a pileup that included about 60 cars and claimed the life of one person.

The large pileup that occurred on the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 at approximately 8:00 a.m. local time featured approximately 15 to 20 commercial vehicles as well as 45 passenger automobiles, according to the Oregon State Police. It spanned several miles.

School buses from Eugene assisted remove between 30 and 40 trapped motorists, while the state Department of Transportation temporarily lifted the cable barrier between the northbound and southbound lanes to assist vehicles in detouring around the traffic jam.

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The Department of Transportation of the state noted in a tweet that many accidents happened in an area where there was a lot of fog.

“The dense fog occurred due to sinking warm air several thousand feet overhead,” Jonathan Erdman, a senior digital meteorologist at weather.com, explained to the media source. “This resulted in an inversion, which trapped chilly, moist air in the valley.”

Oregon Suffers A Deadly 60-car Pileup
Oregon Suffers A Deadly 60-car Pileup

“There was evidence of smoke from wildfires in the vicinity as well.”

According to a report from Weather.com, there are at least seven wildfires that have spread across more than 300,000 acres in Oregon. This information comes from the National Interagency Fire Center.

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