According To ODOT, Be Prepared For Winter Travel This Weekend, Especially Up To Cascade Pass

ODOT reminded drivers on Wednesday that they should be prepared for winter weather if they are going to be travelling this weekend in high-elevation locations or over mountain passes in the Cascade range in Central or Southwest Oregon.

Low temperatures and rain are expected to bring several inches of snow to high Cascade areas and passes that are above 4,000 feet in elevation between Friday and Monday, according to projections from the National Weather Service. It is important for travellers to be prepared for rainy and snowy circumstances during the day, as well as icy conditions early in the morning.

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According to Jeremiah Griffin, who serves as the district manager for ODOT, the greater temperatures that are found at lower elevations can be misleading.

“It may be warm when you start your trip, but as you move into or over the mountains, temperatures dip, and weather can change suddenly,” Griffin warned. “Be prepared for any and all eventualities.” “Get ready before you leave, and be flexible in case the weather or road conditions change on you.”

Be Prepared For Winter Travel This Weekend
Be Prepared For Winter Travel This Weekend

The road personnel employed by ODOT are ready for snow and are diligently working to keep the roads clear, but they are unable to be in two places at once.

To prepare for winter driving:

  • Carry tire chains in your vehicle and practice putting them on.
  • Inspect your vehicle. Make sure that tires have good tread and windshield wipers are clean and in good condition.
  • Make sure your car’s heater and defroster are working well.
  • Pack warm clothes, extra snacks and water, and any medications you may need if delayed.

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On the road, drivers should reduce their speed, give other vehicles more room, and adapt their behaviour to the current road circumstances. If you are travelling using a GPS navigation system, you should verify its path. It’s possible that your GPS device will direct you down some back roads that aren’t maintained. Be careful, and stay on the major thoroughfares.

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