Another Wolf Was Shot Dead In Oregon, And A $11.5k Prize Was Offered

In the early days of this month, a collared wolf belonging to the Lookout Mountain pack was shot and killed in the northeastern part of Oregon, and the local authorities are asking for the assistance of the general public in locating the individual or people guilty of the crime.

The Oregon State Police stated on Wednesday that on October 3, state Fish and Wildlife troopers got information from the agency that a collared female wolf known as OR88 might be dead in northeast Oregon near Little Lookout Mountain, which is approximately 9 miles (14 kilometres) from Durkee.

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After responding to the location, staff and troopers from the Fish and Wildlife Service discovered the dead wolf on property managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The state police suspect that the wolf was killed at this place on October 2nd.

According to police, the Oregon Wildlife Coalition and other conservation partners are offering a prize of $11,500 to anyone who provides information that leads to an arrest or citation in connection with this event.

Another Wolf Was Shot Dead In Oregon
Another Wolf Was Shot Dead In Oregon

In Oregon, wildlife officers discovered eight dead wolves in the same spot in the previous year. The animals had their bodies poisoned, but the circumstances surrounding their deaths have not been determined. Rewards have been given for information leading to convictions in this case.

Poison was used to kill six wolves that were discovered dead in northeast Washington this year, and officials indicated last week that a reward is available for the person or people responsible for the poisoning.

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According to the findings of an annual survey that was carried out by state and tribal biologists in Washington state in 2021, there were at least 206 wolves living in the state and 33 packs. At the time, Idaho had approximately 1,500 wolves, whereas Oregon had approximately 173 wolves.

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