As November 8 Draws Near, Officials Claim That Oregon Elections Are More Safe Than Ever

Officials in charge of overseeing elections in the state of Oregon want to reassure everyone that the voting process, particularly voting by mail, is safe.

According to statements made by Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan on Tuesday, “false information is literally the largest threat to elections here in Oregon and around the country.”

Voting in Oregon Feels Good is a public service campaign that was just launched by Fagan. The goal of the campaign is to provide voters with proper information before they are misled by false election information.

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According to Fagan, “We are aware that once people acquire an opinion on elections, it is incredibly difficult to change their minds, even if you provide them with accurate information.” We want to reach out to Oregonians before they have been exposed to these falsehoods, which are founded on conspiracy theories and the Big Lie.

Steve Dennison, the County Clerk of Deschutes, is in agreement with Fagan.

Oregon Elections Are More Safe Than Ever
Oregon Elections Are More Safe Than Ever

According to Dennison, “Our elections are by all accounts even more secure than they have ever been.” “We have many checks and balances in place to ensure that each and every voter who is registered receives a ballot,” said the official. Once we have received those ballots back, we will check the signatures that are on each envelope.

The Central Oregon Daily went out into the community and questioned people about their feelings regarding the voting process.

“I have no reservations about the integrity of the election or the security of the election. One voter expressed their belief that everything was clear-cut and simple. “There has never been an issue in the past. I have complete faith in the integrity of our voting system.”

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Another voter echoed the sentiment, saying, “I do think it’s a safe process.” “I normally put them in a mailbox, but I believe that putting them in a drop box is also a safe option.”

Ross Harden claims that rigging is not a concern of his, but he is concerned about the process itself having problems.

Harden expressed his opinion as follows: “I wouldn’t say that I feel like it’s rigged, but it is set up in a way that there are concerns.” “It happens all the time that things get misplaced in the mail. How many times have you tried to send a letter or a parcel through the mail, but it was returned to you undeliverable?

Later, he elaborated on an idea he had for a potential resolution.

“Making it all digital,” he continued. If it’s in digital form, there’s no way it could ever be misplaced. It takes place straight away. However, software and algorithms operate in the manner in which they are designed to operate, period; therefore, I believe that digitising it would help them work a lot more smoothly.

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