Measure 114 Is Opposed By The State Sheriffs’ Association, According To Deschutes Da Hummel

Tuesday, Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel joined a group of current and former law enforcement officials and prosecutors in endorsing Measure 114, which would limit the sale of magazines containing more than 10 rounds of ammunition and mandate a background check and safety instruction for anyone buying a firearm.

Along with Matt Ellis, the Wasco County District Attorney, Chris Van Dyke, the former Marion County District Attorney, and Ron Louie, the former Hillsboro and Astoria Police Chief, he participated in a virtual media conference organised by the Yes on 114 campaign.

Hummel declared, “With high-capacity magazines, mass shootings result in 62% more fatalities. Nobody should be surprised by the data’s findings, which reveal that when these mass shootings are stopped abruptly, it’s typically because of some intervening circumstances, frequently when the shooter needs to reload. Therefore, the more times they have to reload, the greater the possibility that someone will step in and stop them.

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“Additionally, we are aware that Connecticut’s permission to purchase law resulted in a 33% decrease in gun suicides and a 28% decrease in gun homicides.

The Oregon Voters Pamphlet contains arguments against the measure from the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association, and attorney Shawn Kollie, who represented the opposing side during NewsChannel 21’s debate on the issue, told NewsChannel 21 on Tuesday that the Tillamook and Sherman county sheriffs are also “adamantly opposed.”

They won’t be able to comply with the licencing system since they lack the means to do so, according to Kollie. “They stress the fact that this is not a background check law once more. Nothing about background checks is altered by this. It is the same background investigation. Just one more licence is added to the background investigation.”

The U.S. Supreme Court will ultimately decide whether or not the proposal is unconstitutional, Hummel said in response to the sheriffs’ assertions that it is.

Measure 114 Is Opposed By The State Sheriffs' Association
Measure 114 Is Opposed By The State Sheriffs’ Association

The DA stated, “That’s unacceptable to me. There were about 600 gun deaths in Oregon in 2020.” When the current system is ineffective, we must try something new.

Some of Hummel’s allies contend that one proposal cannot be viewed in isolation and that, if voters approve this one, what comes next? I don’t work like that. I consider each one separately.

“This does not prevent you from possessing a firearm to defend your family. This is a statement that we want law-abiding, safe individuals who are proficient with that firearm. Saying that such weapons should only be used by “police and the military,” they said, “We don’t want weapons of war with those high-capacity magazines on the streets.”

The estimated cost for local governments to supply the necessary permit and training system, according to Louie, is $19.5 million. Louie expressed confidence in the “creativity of Oregonians to make a buck, it’ll happen.”

When asked if the law would have stopped the gunman at the Bend Safeway, Hummel said it would not have stopped him from getting the weapons he used.

The DA stated that “no one is arguing Measure 114 would prevent every death by gun in Oregon.” However, he went on to say that suicide deaths were the “largest number,” and that this “certainly will lessen the number of those by suicide.”

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Every suicide is unique, he declared. There are folks who have not had this pause and they are not among us today to explain to us what a pause would have meant to them. “We know many respond hastily. Therefore, the delay that Measure 114 mandates will at the very least save lives.

Hummel further outlined why addressing the “Charleston Loophole” in background checks was a crucial component of Measure 114: “In Oregon, 97% of background checks were finished right away. Over half of the 3% of the remaining documents that need additional review are finished in less than 10 days. You are four times more likely to come up with an excuse for rejecting any background check that takes longer than three days.

The supporters of 114 contend that since 1% of background checks are most likely to include individuals who shouldn’t possess firearms, it is OK to wait a little longer on that 1% of cases. Don’t take time on those, the 114’s opponents argue,” the DA said.

I feel at ease supporting the “YES” side, Hummel remarked.

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