Republican Running For Governor, Christine Drazon Welcomes Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin To A Rally

In an effort to garner support for the upcoming election in November, Republican gubernatorial candidate Christine Drazan hosted prominent Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin from the state of Virginia on Tuesday night.

She is currently ahead of the Democratic candidate Tina Kotek by as many as eight points in surveys being conducted both locally and nationally.

At her campaign rally, which was held at The Barn at Countryside, more than 200 people showed up to show their support for Drazan and to hear what she had to say on a variety of problems, ranging from crime to homelessness.

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“Immediately on day one, issue a homelessness emergency that will give me as governor the opportunity, and frankly the power, to be able to align all of the various entities out there, state and local governments,” Drazan said.

“This will ensure that we look at our 14,000 unhoused folks on our streets and we don’t see them as one big number, but instead see them as individuals and we help progress them from homelessness to supportive services, houses, stability, and the dignity of work.”

Christine Drazon Welcomes Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin
Christine Drazon Welcomes Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin

Youngkin’s victory in the most recent election, which was the first time a Republican has won a statewide race in Virginia since 2009, marked the first time a republican has won a statewide election in Virginia, and he stated that Oregon is ready to elect a republican as well.

Nobody believed that a Republican candidate for governor could win in Virginia; doesn’t that sound familiar from Oregon? “And we stood up the year before, and now it’s your turn to stand up,” he told the audience that was gathered on Tuesday night.

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The visit of Youngkin follows on the heels of Vice President Joe Biden’s trip to Portland over the weekend. Biden came to Portland to discuss the Inflation Reduction Act and to provide support to Democratic candidate for governor Tina Kotek. Youngkin’s trip comes shortly after Biden’s trip.

This week, Independent Betsy Johnson sponsored a roundtable discussion with representatives from local businesses to discuss the effects that crime and homelessness have had on the economics of the Downtown core.

In anticipation of votes being sent to Oregon residents’ mailboxes on Wednesday, all three candidates are putting in significant effort to advance their campaigns.

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