Checking The Accuracy Of Allegations Made Against A Candidate For Oregon’s Newest House District

KGW conducted a fact check on an advertisement that was shown on Monday night that was critical of Republican Mike Erickson, who is competing against Democrat Andrea Salinas for the seat in the United States House of Representatives that is being created for Oregon’s 6th Congressional District.

The contest has been increasingly contentious as a result of Erickson’s decision to sue his opponent over a particular commercial that made the accusation that he had been charged with felony narcotics possession.

But as the saying goes, “justice delayed is justice denied,” so here we are checking the veracity of an advertisement that was paid for by Erickson’s campaign and the national congressional campaign of the Republicans. This advertisement portrays Salinas as a Democrat who enjoys nothing more than increasing taxes.

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QUESTION: Has Andrea Salinas advocated for more burdensome taxes and fees to be placed on the middle and working classes?

Allegations Made Against A Candidate For Oregon
Allegations Made Against A Candidate For Oregon

The advertisement starts off by targeting Democrats who already occupy the federal office, so that’s where we’ll begin our discussion.

“Record inflation β€” gas and grocery prices have all gone up, and Biden and Pelosi supported a tax rise that would take $3 billion from the working class making $75,000 or less,” the narration in the advertisement adds. “Record inflation.” “That’s just much too much.”

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is mentioned in the first line of the paragraph. A paper dated July 29 from the Joint Committee on Taxation is referenced in the citation that is included in Erickson’s advertisement. According to the table in that document, the legislation will result in an increase of around $3 billion in revenue for the federal government as a result of small modifications to income tax at $75 thousand and less. These changes are expected to take effect in 2025.

In August, the VERIFY team took a look at this particular claim and investigated it. The genesis of the table can be traced back to a suggested change that Senator Mike Crapo made to the Inflation Reduction Act (R-Idaho).

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The office of Senator Crapo has confirmed that the Inflation Reduction Act does not contain any provisions that would result in an increase in the personal income tax rate. Instead, “enhanced IRS enforcement” would be the source of a projected $20 billion in revenue for the Internal Revenue Service, according to a representative for Crapo who wrote an email to VERIFY.

If the analysis that Crapo commissioned is right, then some downstream IRS revenue will increase. However, even Crapo was forced to agree that the legislation does not involve a “tax raise” on the working class, contrary to what the advertisement implies.

The advertisement continues by stating, “Andrea Salinas desires the identical thing in Oregon.” “Salinas voted in favour of the state’s highest tax increase in the state’s entire history.”

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