Visit These Six Pretty Covered Bridges This Fall In Oregon

Visitable covered bridges in Oregon include the state’s oldest existing covered bridge, the widest covered bridge in the state, and the covered bridge that is considered to be the most beautiful covered bridge in Oregon overall. In total, Oregon has 50 extant covered bridges.

Covered bridges in Oregon are some of the greatest places to pause and take in the state’s spectacular history as well as its natural beauty, which is especially stunning in the fall, which is one of the most stunning seasons of the year in Oregon.

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The Drift Creek Bridge is the oldest remaining covered bridge in the state of Oregon.

The Drift Creek Bridge was constructed in 1914, and it is located south of Lincoln City, Oregon, about a mile and a half from the coast of Oregon. By the 1960s, the bridge was no longer in service because newer concrete bridges had been built in the surrounding area.

When Laura and Kerry Sweitz saw that the ancient bridge they owned was deteriorating and coming apart, they made the decision to dismantle it and reassemble it on top of a concrete bridge that crossed Bear Creek. Because of their unwavering commitment, the 66-foot Howe Truss bridge was recently restored and is now available for public use.

Visit These Six Pretty Covered Bridges
Visit These Six Pretty Covered Bridges

The Lowell Covered Bridge is the Covered Bridge That Is The Widest In Oregon.

People who are driving on Highway 58 frequently stop by the Lowell-covered bridge because it is a convenient location to pull off the road, park, and take a break to stretch their legs. A pioneer by the name of Amos Hyland ran a ferry service at the location of the current Lowell bridge until 1907 when Nels Roney and eight other men constructed the covered bridge. Prior to 1907, the ferry service was operated at this location.

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From 1907 until an accident in the 1940s caused by a truck that damaged the Lowell-covered bridge, this location’s water crossing was the Lowell-covered bridge, which was in service from 1907 until the 1940s.

It was replaced in 1945 with a brand new covered bridge that was designed in the style of a covered Howe truss. This covered bridge served traffic until 1981. This covered bridge was built in 1945, and it now has a width of 24 feet. Visitors can cross it on foot nowadays.

The only covered bridge in Oregon that can be seen from Interstate 5 is the Grave Creek Covered Bridge.

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