Skarlatos Continues To Raise More Money Than Hoyle

Alek Skarlatos, the Republican candidate, continues to pull ahead of Val Hoyle, the Democrat candidate for Oregon’s 4th Congressional District, in terms of money.

Both Hoyle and Skarlatos are seeking the position of replacing outgoing Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio of Springfield, who will be retiring.

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Hoyle, a former member of the state legislature, won the election for the position of Oregon Labor Commissioner in 2018. The third quarter of this election cycle brought in $804,000 for her campaign, bringing the total amount brought in during this election cycle to just under $2 million. Skarlatos brought up a little more than one million dollars during the third quarter, bringing the total amount it has raised to roughly $3.4 million.

Skarlatos Continues To Raise More Money
Skarlatos Continues To Raise More Money

Even though Democrats have a significant advantage in voter registration in the Fourth District, Skarlatos is in a better financial position than Republicans.

However, the ability to raise funds is not always a reliable indicator of future success. During the election in 2020, Skarlatos raised more money than DeFazio did, but the incumbent was able to win with a margin of victory that was relatively comfortable.

There has been no mention of either candidate contributing any of their personal money to their respective campaigns.

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Mike Beilstein, Levi Leatherberry, and Jim Howard are the names of the three further candidates who are running for this office. None of them has provided the Federal Elections Commission with any information regarding their fundraising totals. Although Howard has stated that he is not actively seeking the seat any longer, his decision to stop doing so came too late for him to withdraw officially from the contest.

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