Historic Monument Preservation Is Encouraged By Oregon Cemeteries

Celebrations centred around Halloween, which often take place in October, the month that marks the beginning of the spooky season, can frequently result in damage to cemeteries.

Through education and the preservation of historic cemeteries, the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries is working to prevent vandalism of cemeteries throughout the month of Historic Cemetery Month.

According to Oregon Heritage Grants and Outreach coordinator Kuri Gill, “We are a component of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, and the goal of all of our work is to document historic locations and help individuals conserve them while also sharing them with the public.”

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In addition to that, Gill is in charge of the Historic Cemeteries Program. She mentioned that this time of year sees an increase in the number of monuments that are vandalised by persons who did not necessarily want to cause any damage to the monuments.

Gill stated, “What we see is a lot of monuments all at once toppled and damaged, and so that’s a big chunk of damage for often little organisations to try to restore and repair.” “What we see is a lot of monuments all at once toppled and broken.” “It is also possible for it to be quite hazardous.

Even the ones that appear to be on the smaller side are hundreds of pounds in weight. Because of the risk of serious injury posed by an inadvertent fall in the other direction, this poses a safety concern as well.

Throughout the year, the OCHC provides financial assistance to groups that take care of historic cemeteries; nevertheless, the month of October highlights the significance of the OCHC’s work in this regard because of the widespread interest in the legends that surround old burial grounds.

Historic Monument Preservation Is Encouraged
Historic Monument Preservation Is Encouraged

Gill stated, “Let’s also speak about why they exist and what they mean to people personally, but also what kinds of tales they tell about the community.” “Let’s also talk about why they exist and what they mean to people individually, but also what kinds of stories they tell about the community.” “They may be incredibly compelling stories about the history of that group, who was included [and who was not included] in that community,” the author said.

The Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission (OCHC) is promoting Halloween events that allow for “respectful access” to Oregon’s historic cemeteries. These events are in addition to the resources that the OCHC provides for cemetery caretakers, such as technical assistance, monument repair, and grants. These resources include:

One of the events will take place on Sunday, the 30th of October, beginning at 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Warrenton’s Oceanview Cemetery, which is located in the city. Talking Tombstones is an event that takes place at the cemetery and educates visitors about the extensive history of the location through guided tours given by actors who recount the lives of those who are buried there.

On October 30, a Tombstone Twilight Tour will be held in the Lone Fir Cemetery located in Southeast Portland; however, tickets for this event are no longer available.

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An additional choice is Portland’s Founding Women tour, which will take place on October 22 beginning at 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. People who go on this tour will learn about the women who are buried in Lone Fir Cemetery, including some who were artists, some who were suffragettes, and others who were civic leaders. Tickets are $10.

Another method to show respect for these cemeteries and the historical persons buried there is to organise a community cleanup. From 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. On the morning of Saturday, October 29, a group of volunteers will assemble at the Jacksonville Cemetery in order to clean the location in preparation for the winter.

According to Gill, there is a wide variety of things that individuals can do to assist in the preservation of their neighbourhood cemeteries. Some of these things include walking on the historic grounds to deter vandalism, volunteering for cleanup days, and donating money.

She stated, “I encourage people to take a look at a historic cemetery in their region and explore it a little bit and remind people that they’re significant places that should be cared for.” “I encourage people to take a look at a historic cemetery in their area and explore it a little bit.”

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