Support The Reelection Of State Representative Janelle Bynum, Oregon City Mayor

I am supporting state Rep. Janelle Bynum’s campaign for reelection because not only does our community need her, but the inhabitants of Oregon also need her strong and smart leadership. In light of this, I believe it is important that she continue in her role.

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I have faith that she will make decisions that are in the best interest of both the district she represents and the state overall because she is a member of the Oregon Legislature. She is a builder of consensus who works to promote causes that are important to our citizens and who works across party lines to do so.

Support The Reelection Of State Representative
Support The Reelection Of State Representative

Janelle’s leadership style, which is grounded in practical experience and a grasp of what it takes to be successful, is characterised by common sense. She is the owner of a small business, and as such, she is able to comprehend and advocate for the requirements of all businesses, which are essential to the thriving economy of our state.

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She has also been a leader in addressing the most significant problems that Oregon is currently facing. She has long been an advocate for mental health services for people who are in need, with the goal of contributing to the continued health and safety of our communities. She is a staunch supporter of the residents of our state that are underrepresented or do not have a voice at all, and she brings topics of this nature up for discussion.

I strongly recommend that you cast your ballot for Representative Janelle Bynum this coming November. It is imperative that she keeps working toward the benefit of all of us.

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