Why Betsy Johnson Refuses To Withdraw From The Oregon Governor’s Race

Betsy Johnson was unaware that her campaign had come to an end.

The former senator and current independent candidate for governor have been consigned to the role of a spoiler in recent polls. Although three recent polls suggest she’s more likely to help Republican Christine Drazan win than she is to break the 20-point ceiling herself, her presence poses a serious threat to the Democratic Party, which she left earlier this year. The Democratic Party has held control of the governor’s office for the past 36 years.

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But in the endorsement interview with the WW editorial board that took place the previous week, Johnson made an argument for her candidacy that was as clear and convincing as any that we have seen from her this entire year in less than four minutes. (Despite the fact that Johnson was feeling under the weather, it was fascinating despite the fact that it was delivered remotely.

Betsy Johnson Refuses To Withdraw From The Oregon
Betsy Johnson Refuses To Withdraw From The Oregon

Perhaps her most compelling argument is that, despite the fact that she has been able to compete with her rivals in terms of fundraising thanks to contributions from Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, her rivals are the ones who are profiting from out-of-state money.

She says, “I think the state of Oregon has been forgotten about in this entire discourse.”

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