President Biden Arrives To Portland To Support Tina Kotek In Her Campaign For Governor

The president’s visit to Oregon is rare. It is 2,800 miles from Washington, D.C., and it is not generally a battleground state.

Few presidents have visited Oregon over the years; during his eight years in office, President Obama only made it there five times, and President Trump never bothered. But as of right now, President Biden has made two trips to 2022.

Just after six o’clock on Friday, the president descended the stairs of Air Force One carrying a white backpack as he landed at Portland International Airport. For Representative Suzanne Bonamici’s birthday, there was a cupcake inside.

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The president is in Portland for the second time in six months. Biden is attempting to rally Democratic support for Tina Kotek’s governor campaign as she faces the most difficult challenge Democrats have seen in historically blue Oregon with just over three weeks till election day.

On Friday, October 14, 2022, when he arrives at Portland International Airport in Portland, Oregon, President Joe Biden gives a warm embrace to Rep. Suzanne Bonamici of Oregon after presenting her with a birthday cupcake from Air Force One. Left is Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon. Photo by Carolyn Kaster for AP

In the midst of some of the worst air quality in the country due to local wildfires, the sky over Portland International Airport lit up pink as the sunset. In other parts of the city, Portland Police were reacting to two shootings, one of which resulted in a fatality close to Holladay Park in Northeast Portland and the other of which resulted in the death of a police officer at Southwest 12th Avenue and Jefferson Street in Downtown Portland.

President Biden Arrives To Portland To Support Tina Kotek
President Biden Arrives To Portland To Support Tina Kotek

The president was greeted by a smaller crowd than the Democratic fanfare that greeted him in April. Travelling to Asia was Governor Kate Brown. President Obama was met at the airport by only Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Representative Suzanne Bonamici, along with officers from the Oregon Air National Guard.

The president’s official vehicle, “The Beast,” a true fortress of a Cadillac limo, was available for Merkley and Bonamici to ride in grandeur with Biden. Just after 7 o’clock in the evening, the motorcade arrived at SEIU Local 49, where volunteers were phone-banking for Tina Kotek, after cruising down an I-205 that had been closed to traffic. He arrived with a box of Sesame Donuts in hand.

Biden told the crowd, “This is the most significant off-year election since Roosevelt.” “The next three or four generations will be affected by what happens in the next 4-6 years. not just in America, but everywhere.”

Together with Kotek, Biden enlisted volunteers to continue the electoral campaign, adding, “It matters what a governor does. It is crucial. It’s important, important, important!”

Kotek and Republican Christine Drazan are almost neck-and-neck in the polls for governor, with independent candidate Betsy Johnson serving as the wild card. The contest has garnered attention from across the country. In the last stretch, Democrats are rallying all of their resources behind Kotek, and Biden will be attending another event on Saturday afternoon.

Prior to that, Biden will speak about reducing expenses for American families at the East Portland Community Center. At the phone-banking event on Friday night, Obama reminded supporters of the efforts his administration has made to cut the cost of prescription medications and put a price restriction on insulin.

If we are able to keep the House and the Senate, “so much is on the line,” he declared. We can keep doing the things we’ve been doing, which will genuinely change the nation.

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Kotek’s adversaries didn’t let Biden’s visit pass without saying something. Christine Drazan posted on Twitter, “Oregonians are sick of the status quo politicians who have made life harder for families all around our state, including Tina Kotek and Kate Brown. A failing candidate won’t be saved by installing a failing president.”

In a video she posted, Betsy Johnson thanked Biden for coming and noted that “each time you go, Tina’s tent cities get cleaned up a little bit more.” She also encouraged Biden to discuss bringing criminal charges against lawbreakers with Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt.

In the heart of Portland, Biden will spend the night at a hotel. On Saturday at noon, there will be a presentation in the East Portland Community Center, followed by a reception for Kotek at 1:45. At 2:50 p.m., the president is set to depart Portland for Delaware.

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