The Oregon Community Bank Week Celebrates The Efforts Of Community Banks And Their Employees

The dates of October 17-22 have been designated by Oregon Governor Kate Brown as Community Bank Week. During this week, local banks and the staff of those banks are recognised for their contributions to the state’s communities, both economically and civically.

Community banks in Oregon are responsible for more than 5,800 family wage employment, issue $13 billion in home purchase and refinance loans, and safeguard $37 billion in deposits. These jobs are provided through the states more than 375 branch and loan offices. They are also responsible for 80 per cent of all loans relating to agriculture.

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Community banks in Oregon, the majority of which are chartered by the Division of Financial Regulation, contribute significantly to the state’s overall economic well-being and prosperity by playing an important part in the state’s banking system.

In certain areas, they are the only company that offers banking products and services, while in other cases, they are the largest employer in the area. Every year, community banks give away millions of dollars to various charitable causes and community organisations.

The Oregon Community Bank Week Celebrates
The Oregon Community Bank Week Celebrates

“Our state banks continue to support small businesses and agriculture in Oregon,” said TK Keen, administrator for the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation. “In addition, they provide banking services and create thousands of jobs,” Keen added.

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“Our state banks continue to support small businesses and agriculture in Oregon.” “State banks are also committed in their communities by volunteering 64,000 hours annually and pledging millions of dollars to help organisations and other activities throughout the state,”

Community Bank Week is being celebrated all around the state of Oregon by state-chartered banks, each in their own respective communities. Go to on your web browser if you want further information about the state-chartered banks in Oregon.

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