Republican Candidate For Governor Visits Monroe, Oregon

As we move closer to the final weeks before voters choose who will succeed Kate Brown as governor, candidates for governor are making their way around the state in an effort to bolster their support among voters.

Despite the fact that the contest between the Democratic and Republican candidates for Governor of Oregon is still quite close.

On Thursday evening, Christine Drazan travelled to Monroe, Oregon to participate in the “Sportsmen for Drazan Event,” which took place at Paradise Springs and had a fish fry.

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She claims that her primary goal during the run has been to have a better understanding of the hopes and concerns that Oregonians have.

In light of the fact that Democratic candidate Tina Kotek is currently running at a level of competition with the Republican candidate, our station inquired about President Biden’s intentions to travel to Portland on Friday.

Republican Candidate For Governor Visits Monroe
Republican Candidate For Governor Visits Monroe

Drazan commented, “It only goes to show how close this race is, in my opinion. It’s a clear sign that the Democrats are running out of options and getting desperate. And that they acknowledge Oregonians are sick of the way things are, and that they want things to change. In addition, it is rather remarkable that the President of the United States was able to visit Oregon, which is a state located in the Pacific Northwest.”

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According to Drazan, her overall impression is that Oregon leans more toward the “purple” side of the political spectrum than the “blue” side since residents of all political stripes are desiring change.

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