According to his attorney, a 17-year-old who was in the middle of eating when he was shot by police in a Texas McDonald’s parking lot is currently comatose and receiving life support.

Chief William McManus of the San Antonio Police Department has called the shooting of Erik Cantu by then-Police Officer James Brennand on October 2 “indefensible.”

After being admitted to the hospital, Cantu’s attorney, Brian Powers, stated that “there is no improvement in his condition” more than a week later.

He is still unconscious and being kept alive by machines.

According to Powers, his condition is unstable and “every breath is a struggle.” According to CNN, his passenger in the car was unharmed.

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According to CNN, the former officer Brennand turned himself into the police on Tuesday night. He was sacked on October 4, and Tuesday saw his arrest and two counts of aggravated assault by a public official brought against him, San Antonio police told Insider.

The insider was unable to speak with Brennand for comment right away.

On October 2, Cantu and a female 17-year-old, who shall remain nameless, were seated in the fast food restaurant’s parking lot. According to a statement and accompanying bodycam evidence provided by the San Antonio Police Department, Cantu was eating a hamburger when Brennand approached the automobile they were in.

Although Cantu is not shown being hurt in the bodycam film of the cop firing into the automobile, some viewers might find it upsetting to watch:


According to Captain Alyssa Campos, the department’s head of training, Brennand was at the McDonald’s in response to an unrelated disturbance report when he saw Cantu’s car and thought it had earlier eluded him during a traffic check.

Brennand is seen approaching the car before backup arrives on the bodycam clip. While Cantu is still chewing and holding the burger box, the camera captures him opening the car door and causing him to look up in surprise.

You can hear Brennand saying, “Get out of the car.”

Cantu reversed away with the door still open as Brennand lunged at him after Cantu refused. The video then shows Brennand firing five shots at the automobile.

Brennand then continues to fire bullets behind Cantu as he exits the parking lot after shifting into drive.

Campos said that the vehicle’s licence plate did not correspond to the car.

Teen Shot By Cops In A Mcdonald's Parking Lot
Teen Shot By Cops In A Mcdonald’s Parking Lot

Cantu was first charged by San Antonio PD with fleeing arrest while driving a car and assaulting a police officer, but the charges were eventually withdrawn.

Although it’s not immediately obvious from the video, Cantu reportedly struck Brennand with the open car door as he backed up.

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Brennand had been an officer for seven months, according to Campos, and was terminated while still on probation.

According to her, his actions “violated departmental tactics, training, and policy.” But she warned that inquiries into the use of lethal force can last for more than a year and may uncover further information.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind after viewing the video, according to police chief McManus, who told us that the shooting was not justified.

He claimed that unless there is an immediate threat to life, the department has a policy against firing at moving vehicles.