The Campaign For State Senate Proved To Be Exciting

State Senate District 11 is one of the more intriguing elections on Nov. 8 due to recent happenings.

Peter Courtney, a longstanding Democratic legislative leader, is retiring this year. Before joining the senate, he was a leader in the Oregon House.

Courtney’s departure prompted Woodburn Mayor Eric Swenson, Keizer’s Richard Walsh, a personal injury attorney, and Anthony Rosilez to run in the May primary.

Swenson won with 44.5% against Walsh’s 34% and Rosilez’s 21%. The mayor opted not to run, but he endorsed Rep. Teresa Alonso Leon. Her house district is in SD 11, and she ran in a crowded congressional primary won by Andrea Salinas.

Late in June, SD 11’s Democratic precinct chairs opted to install Walsh as the party’s candidate.

The 2020 Census changed district borders statewide, including Kim Thatcher’s Senate District 13 in Keizer. She filed to run for District 11, which encompasses her hometown of Keizer, Woodburn, and north Salem, but not Newberg.

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Thatcher won the Republican primary with 8,340 (92.75%) votes over rival Marcello De Cicco’s 652 (7.25%). The senator received 8,575 votes, almost as many as the three Democratic candidates combined. So, SD 11, a long-held Democratic seat, does not have its experienced legislative incumbent running, but it does have a veteran lawmaker who was redistricted out of her senate seat and is now pursuing this one.

The race will depend on who appeals most to non-affiliated, independent, and other voters.

According to the Marion County Election Clerk’s Office, 23,106 Democrats and 18,654 Republicans are registered in SD 11. More than 48% of registered Republicans voted in the primaries, while 37% of Democrats did. SD 11 has 81,037 registered voters, 3,507 Independents, and 34,157 non-affiliated voters. The rest are smaller parties.


Thatcher said Pamplin Media Group her three objectives are education, battling inflation, and preventing crime, homelessness, and mental health issues, which are making the state lawless and unsafe.

She stated if elected, she’d balance Oregon’s legislative power structure.

State Senate Proved To Be Exciting
State Senate Proved To Be Exciting

Thatcher: “Our schooling is broken.” “We have low graduation rates, high-class sizes, and spend more per pupil than most states. Decades of inaction are inexcusable.”Thatcher wants to give parents additional school options when public schools fail.

“Studies show children succeed when their parents are involved,” she stated. “I’ll support a parental bill of rights and require online curriculum access.”

Inflation is Thatcher’s second priority.

Oregon is one of the most costly states to live and raise a family, she said. “Oregon’s gas prices are high. Our state’s housing and rent are unsustainable. The existing status quo’s harsh and unaccountable tax-and-spend policies have raised the expense of all these items.

“I’ll restore balance and abolish radical policies that made Oregon unaffordable for many families,” she said.

Mental health’s effect on homelessness and criminality is another Thatcher focus. She claimed Oregon’s crime and murder rates are at modern highs, and homelessness and mental health are factors.

Thatcher: “This lawlessness is unprecedented.” “The governor and majority, who have controlled every part of this state for decades, have unleashed over a thousand killers and vicious felons.”

Early release of violent convicts without notification has increased victims, she added.

“This is not hyperbole, and the governor has said she’ll reveal more,” said Thatcher. “Unacceptable. I’ll offer the balance needed to halt these insane policies and ensure criminals and murderers do the same time a judge and jury believe is best β€” not early releases at the whim of radicals in any party.”

Fresh Viewpoint

Walsh was a significant campaigner in creating Keizer Rapids Park while on the Keizer City Council. He agrees with Thatcher on many priorities and needs reform. But he disagrees with the sitting senator on the latter.

Walsh: “A new voice with new ideas is needed.” “My opponent, Kim Thatcher, has served 16 years and wants to serve 20.

“She’s had her chance to change but hasn’t,” he said. I want to represent all District 11 citizens, not just my party’s, so I can give a fresh, balanced approach to governance.

Walsh’s 30 years as an attorney fighting for injured and disabled people motivated him to run.

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“On behalf of injured employees, I amended Oregon law, helping thousands of Oregonians. If those few cases could benefit so many, I could do much more to enhance Oregonians’ lives as a senator “Walsh:

Walsh was one of the original proponents for micro-shelters in the area and now works with a homeless group.

Walsh wants to help more unsheltered people leave the streets, parks, and communities and enter safe micro-shelters. “I’ll keep advocating for shelters and accessible, low-barrier homes.

“I’ll also work to expand addiction and mental health treatment programmes, which will assist many people to get off the streets and onto a path to a better life,” he continued.

Walsh prioritises senior advocacy, accessible health care, and reproductive rights. “I think government planning should give elders more importance, from parks and walks to ageing with dignity at home. I’ll also fight elder abuse and enhance senior housing “Walsh:

Walsh says the cost of living must include health care.

“I’ve seen how injury or illness can tear families apart and leave them in debt when the insurance system fails them or when prescription drug prices soar,” Walsh said. “I’ll keep fighting insurance companies and drug firms to lower drug costs.

“I’ll combat corporate greed that’s driving up gas prices, medication costs, and housing costs,” he said.

Walsh said recent Supreme Court rulings highlight the importance of reproductive rights. “I’ll make sure Oregon protects women’s right to control their bodies,” he stated.

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