Oregon Governor Candidates’ Positions On Subjects Like Abortion, Gun Control, And Climate Change Vary

The three most popular candidates are all women who have established careers in the state legislature.

Christine Drazan, a Republican who was elected to the House in 2018, served as the party’s leader from 2019 to 21.

From 2001 to 2005, Betsy Johnson was a member of the Oregon House. From 2005 to 2021, she was a senator. Before leaving her position as a Democrat to run for governor as an independent last year, she was a Democrat.

Before running for governor, Democrat Tina Kotek was elected to the Oregon House in 2006 and held the position of speaker for a record-breaking nine years.

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However, the contenders’ stances on the problems affecting Oregon vary. The three’s positions on some of the major problems are listed below:

Housing crisis

Drazan: Said she would issue a state of emergency for the homeless and attempt to overturn Measure 110, which reduced the penalties for possessing small amounts of illegal narcotics and increased funding for addiction treatment programmes.

Johnson centred her campaign on the issue of homelessness. In addition to creating safe, approved camping places and more emergency shelters, Johnson promises to put an end to unrestricted camping.

She also pushed for comprehensive solutions that addressed issues including mental health, drug abuse, addiction, lawlessness, poverty, housing, and employment. Johnson claimed that by removing some restrictions on homebuilders, including rules, fees, and taxes, she hopes to improve the supply of housing.

Kotek pledged to establish additional street outreach teams, increase emergency shelter access to state-owned buildings, address gaps in the behavioural health and rehabilitation systems, and work with local authorities and homeless individuals to offer sanitation services at makeshift camps. Kotek also stated that she would cover housing concerns more generally.

Gun violence

Johnson: Has repeatedly voted against gun control legislation, but she has stated that she is in favour of tougher background checks and raising the legal buying age for some semi-automatic weapons from 18 to 21.

Kotek: During my tenure as House speaker, I increased background checks for gun transactions, mandated that firearms be stored securely to prevent deadly home accidents, and implemented a red flag rule that forbids people from acquiring firearms if they pose a threat to themselves or others.

In order to curb the ghost gun black market, Kotek promised to work to raise the purchase age for assault rifles from 18 to 21. She also promised to cooperate with the Oregon Attorney General and local law enforcement.

Drazan: I voted against legislation that would have prohibited convicted stalkers and domestic abusers from possessing firearms and mandated that gun owners store their weapons securely. said she would enhance financing for law enforcement and mental health help but opposed further gun control measures.

About Abortion

Kotek: Supported by Pro-Choice Oregon and the Oregon Planned Parenthood PAC. She declared that she will unambiguously “stand up and fight” for the right to choose.

Drazan: Supported by the pro-life organisation Oregon Right to Life, which described the state’s current restrictions on abortion as “severe.” Drazan declared that she would veto any proposal that strengthened Oregon’s laws against abortion.

Johnson: Said she would fight any initiatives aimed at reducing Oregon’s rights for abortion.

Oregon Governor Candidates' Positions On Subjects
Oregon Governor Candidates’ Positions On Subjects

Oregon Issues

Drazan promised to fire all agency heads and replace them with leaders who share her commitment to excellent customer service, openness, and accountability in order to fix the state government.

Johnson: Said she would require that appointments, budgets, and legislation receive bipartisan support.

Kotek: Said she will promote creativity, take chances, and provide excellent customer service in state government. According to Kotek, the largest issue facing state government at the moment is that organisations are having trouble disbursing grant money quickly enough, particularly for Measure 110 resources intended to aid addicts.

Urban-Rural Gap

Johnson: This would boost Oregon’s communities and resource-based industries.

Kotek: Said she would leave Salem to speak with Oregonians around the state and work with local authorities to address issues unique to rural areas.

Drazan: This would frequently permit local communities to choose the best course of action for policy and reject top-down state demands.

Climate Concerns

Kotek pledged to hold big company polluters accountable, develop new markets for renewable energy, and assist individuals and organisations in preventing harm from wildfires and smoke.

Drazan: Encourages aggressive forest management and is willing to spend money on new water infrastructure. opposes measures like cap and trade.

Johnson: Despite maintaining her belief in the reality of climate change, she has regularly voted against measures to lower emissions. Johnson stated that she thought better forest management was the greatest approach for Oregon to lower its carbon impact.

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About Forest

Drazan supports the active management of rangelands and forests.

Johnson: Would instruct Oregon’s state foresters to start forest thinning right away and would urge the federal government to do the same with its federal forests in Oregon.

Kotek: Supports the Private Forest Accord’s update of the Oregon Forest Practices Act as well as the adoption of a state-wide habitat protection plan for all privately owned timberland.

Worry About Living Expenses

Johnson: To improve the supply of homes, she would abolish some laws, regulations, and taxes for homebuilders.

Kotek pledged to work with other states to reduce the cost of prescription medications, ensure the construction of more affordable housing, increase access to community colleges, promote job training and apprenticeships, and fight for funding for the daycare system in Oregon.

Drazan pledged to oppose any further tax rises and to repeal or amend pointless regulations.

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