The Governor Will Travel To Asia On A Trade Mission

Wednesday was the day when Oregon Governor Kate Brown made the announcements regarding the state’s upcoming trade mission to Asia. The purpose of this trip is to promote foreign investment and corporate expansion in the state.

As South Korea and Japan reopen their doors completely to tourists, traders, and business travellers, officials from both countries will be travelling there. Beginning this coming Friday and lasting until the 26th of October, Brown will be in charge of leading the mission.

She will be joined by other Oregon leaders who are representatives of many industries, including agriculture, tourism, higher education, apparel, technology, and manufacturing. Additionally, Brown will visit Oregon’s twin state in Japan, which is known as the Toyama Prefecture.

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According to the announcement, throughout the course of the previous five years, Oregon has ranked seventh in the United States for the biggest rise in exports, with an increase of 37 per cent. Oregon was one of just six states that saw positive export growth between 2019 and 2020 despite the epidemic that was going on. There are around 6,000 businesses in Oregon that sell their products outside the country.

Governor Will Travel To Asia
Governor Will Travel To Asia

Exports in the state are responsible for the maintenance of 83,000 jobs. The travel and tourist business in Oregon is worth $10.9 billion, directly provides jobs for 100,000 people in the state, and brings in $1.2 billion in tax income for the state and local governments.

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Representatives from Business Oregon, the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Travel Oregon, the University of Oregon, and the Port of Portland will be part of the group, in addition to leaders from the private sector.

It is planned that Governor Brown’s social media outlets and press releases will be used to disseminate photographs and information from the trade mission.

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