Oregon Turkey Farms Are Being Impacted By Inflation And Bird Influenza

The United States should anticipate that their Thanksgiving turkey would be more expensive due to the recent unprecedented inflation as well as the bird flu, which has caused farms across the country to slaughter millions of birds.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the price of turkey in the United States has already increased by 112% compared to what it was in 2021. In comparison to the price of $3.18 per pound one year ago, the current cost of one pound of turkey is $6.70 on average.

Inflation, which has an impact on the cost of raising a chicken, and the avian flu are both being blamed by the organisation for the reduction in the quantity that is available to consumers. The Champoeg Farm can be found in Marion County and is owned by Mark Anderson. He claimed that the effects of inflation have been felt on his land.

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According to Anderson, “the price of our feed has increased by about $250 per tonne as a direct result of the grain market.”

According to Anderson, he has been able to reduce costs in various ways without having to raise prices. However, other farms located all throughout the country have transferred the increased expenses to the end user.

According to Anderson, the worst effects of the bird flu are being seen on turkey farms in the state of California. As a result of the culling of flocks in the south, grocery stores in Oregon are looking to their local farms, such as Anderson’s, to help make up for the shortfall in supplies.

Oregon Turkey Farms Are Being Impacted
Oregon Turkey Farms Are Being Impacted

“There’s been a little bit of a panic from our wholesale purchasers because they weren’t able to acquire as many birds out of California as they wanted,” said Anderson. “The reason for this is because they weren’t able to get as many birds as they needed.”

As the cost of growing a turkey continues to rise and there is a limited quantity of turkeys available during the holiday season when demand is at its highest, the end result is that consumer prices will continue to rise.

Anderson claimed that he has been successful in maintaining the status quo of his prices, which has allowed his clients to remain unaffected. He suggests that individuals make a reservation for a turkey at a local grocery shop or a farm in the area. This will assist in securing a price and provide confidence that there will be a turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner.

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Anderson stated that he is aware of the significance his turkeys have in bringing together families to celebrate the holidays, despite the fact that all of these things are contributing to an increase in prices.

“It fills us with a great deal of pride,” Anderson remarked. “These fellas [turkeys] put a lot of effort into becoming who they are, and we provide them with a wonderful environment in which to do so. After that, everything comes together, providing that the client cooks everything correctly.

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