Oregon Officials Have Received Complaints About People Knocking On Their Doors Looking For Election Fraud

Someone who knocked on a voter’s door in Roseburg and asked questions regarding the election in November 2020 left the voter bewildered after the encounter a month ago. The canvasser had with them a form that appeared to be legitimate and was labelled “Douglas County Resident Affidavit.” It contained questions regarding the voter’s voting history as well as her voter registration.

After having this exchange, the woman decided to get in touch with the Democratic Party of Douglas County.

Connie Page, the chair of the local Democratic party, was the one who reported the woman’s complaints to the local election officials. Page added that the woman “felt kind of intimidated.”

At least some voters in at least four counties in Oregon, including Douglas, Klamath, Lane, and Columbia, have lodged complaints with local election officials about individuals going door to door, interrogating citizens, and looking for proof of voting fraud.

On September 9, Klamath County Clerk Rochelle Long released a press statement in response to calls from concerned citizens who wanted to know whether or not the group represented the local elections office.

Long was quoted as saying, “I wanted to make it apparent that they were not from our office.” “We don’t go door to door. We do not inquire as to which way you voted.

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Long warned that members of the group may identify themselves as an “Integrity Group” when handing out business cards. Long was unable to identify a single person or specific group as being responsible for the endeavour.

Election officials from across the country have reported receiving complaints from voters who are going door to door in an attempt to find evidence that the 2020 election was tainted by fraud. To avoid any confusion, the answer is no. After over one and a half years have passed since the election in November 2020, there has been no evidence of significant voter fraud anywhere in the United States.

Oregon Officials Have Received Complaints
Oregon Officials Have Received Complaints

According to a report by NPR, people who have influence in the election denial movement have been going throughout the country to encourage these kinds of citizen investigations.

According to Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan, there is no procedure in place in the state for a third party to challenge the voter registration of another individual; only elected officials to have that authority.

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According to Fagan, “what these people are doing is simply out attempting to get data in an unofficial way, and then sadly we’re seeing individuals misuse that data to try and spread the great lie.” “What these guys are doing is simply out trying to acquire data in an unofficial way.”

“The elections in 2020 were conducted in a secure and risk-free manner in all fifty states. There is just no evidence to suggest that anything improper occurred or that Donald Trump’s victory in that election was fraudulently obtained.

In order to prevent the spread of false information, election officials in Oregon created their own campaign in advance of the midterm elections. This campaign consisted of public service advertisements that emphasised the fact that elections are secure.

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