The Passage Of Measure 114 In Oregon Could Significantly Impact The State’s Existing Gun Control Laws

Oregonians will have the option to vote on a proposal that could significantly affect the state’s approach to gun control in a month.

After years of advocacy by religious leaders and volunteers, Measure 114 is now on the ballot.

The proposal would prohibit the sale of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, with the exception of members of the armed forces and law enforcement. It also includes a permit-to-purchase requirement.

As election day approaches, the argument over whether this will make the state safer is becoming more heated.

A group of religious leaders called Lift Every Voice Oregon has been working for years to enact gun control legislation in Oregon, and Rev. Dr Leroy Haynes is a member of that organisation.

He told KOIN 6 News that he is praying for change from the pews of his revered church.

For us, and particularly for the religious community, it is a passion. It’s a moral and human rights issue,” he declared.

In addition to responding to major shootings, the group started working on this project because of local homicides and gun violence, according to Haynes.

When a shooting report mentions 60 rounds being fired, Haynes remarked, “that’s an automatic weapon. We have weapons of war on our streets today.”

With the exception of members of the armed forces and law enforcement, Measure 114 would outlaw the sale of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and impose a permit-to-purchase requirement.

Professor Daniel Webster at Johns Hopkins University claims that their study demonstrates the efficacy of regulations similar to this.

He added, “In other research, we examined metropolitan counties throughout the states and calculated an 11% reduced risk of firearm homicides connected with these types of regulations. “We estimate that these laws are related to a 54% lower rate of deadly mass shootings.”

But according to the National Rifle Association, Measure 114 won’t make anyone safer.

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Director of the Oregon NRA Aoibheann Cline expressed surprise that the issue made the ballot.

The law, according to Cline, only targets lawful gun owners.

“This is the most atrocious gun control scheme, and it has no effect on reducing gun violence. In reality, it will simply be a systematic end to the legal possession of firearms in the state of Oregon, she said. “Not only will it prohibit magazines with a capacity of more than 10, which is the typical capacity magazine included with the majority of legal firearms, but it will also outlaw all magazines with a capacity of more than 20 rounds. There are numerous concerns over the 10 rounds and their effects.

The NRA is troubled about the permitting procedure, Cline added.

Measure 114 In Oregon Could Significantly Impact
Measure 114 In Oregon Could Significantly Impact

You must enrol in a course in order to obtain that permit, she explained. “You need to have a gun in order to complete the class and acquire a handgun. It also states that any more information may be requested by the law enforcement agency if they think it is required to provide the permit. This presents a chance for discretion to be abused.

Haynes, however, emphasised that Measure 114 is a positive start in the right way toward making our state and nation safer.

“When voters look at the ballot, please…

We must act to save our children, so let your heart speak to them, he urged.

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Concerning the NRA’s remarks, Focushillsboro contacted the supporters of Measure 114. The Oregon State Police, according to the statement, “shall establish the guidelines for the permission procedure and will zealously protect all laws including the US Constitution.”

Additionally, they assert that owning a gun is not necessary and that, in such cases, shooting ranges can furnish one. Furthermore, they added, “Ten rounds will still be allowed to be supplied with guns since Measure 114 only limits the sale and use of military-grade, high-capacity magazines beyond 10 rounds.”

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