‘Jogger Rapist’ Victim In Portland Criticizes Oregon Officials On Defendant’s Release: This Behavior Is Irresponsible

On Tuesday, a woman who was raped multiple times by Richard Gillmore in the Portland area expressed her fury over the fact that Gillmore will soon be released from jail for his status as a low-level sexual offender.

“I was highly offended, and it felt like a slap in the face for myself and the other survivors that were raped by him,” Tiffany Edens told “America Reports.”

Edens, then 13 years old at the time, was raped by Gillmore in December of 1986, and he was found guilty of the crime in 1987. She is the very last person who is known to have been victimised by Gillmore before he was arrested.

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Richard Gillmore, who was found guilty of rape and sentenced to prison in 2008, is shown here during his parole hearing in Salem, Oregon. After having served over 36 years in prison, which is almost all of his maximum term, Gillmore is scheduled to be released from incarceration in the middle of December 2022. (Association of Foreign Press)

Gillmore will be released from prison in December as a low-level sexual offender, which means that state and local officials are not compelled to warn citizens if he is residing in their neighbourhood. This is because Gillmore is scheduled to be released as a low-level sexual offender.

In the 1970s and 1980s, he admitted to raping nine young girls and women in the city of Portland, Oregon, as well as the suburbs of the city. According to a source in the Oregonian, he earned the nickname “jogger rapist” due to the fact that he would scope out the residences of his victims by sprinting past them.

'Jogger Rapist' Victim In Portland Criticizes Oregon Officials
‘Jogger Rapist’ Victim In Portland Criticizes Oregon Officials

According to the Oregonian, Gillmore was only found guilty in one of the cases he was investigated for because the other investigations were completed after the statute of limitations had passed. In 1987, a judge ruled that Gillmore should serve a minimum of 30 years and a maximum of 60 years in jail for his role in the Edens case. In 1988, he was granted a sentence reduction by the parole board.

“If he had been convicted on those crimes, I don’t think that we would be getting the lowest level of a sex offender at this time,” Edens told host Sandra Smith.

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The classification of the convicted rapist was decided by using a risk assessment method called Static 99, which measures the likelihood that a sexual offender will commit another crime in the future. When assessing his categorization, we also took into account the fact that he was 63 years old when he was released.

“I’m pretty sure that there are not 13-year-old or teenage girls around him in prison,” Edens said, adding that men his age can still be strong enough to overpower young girls. “I find it irresponsible on behalf of the parole board.”

“I think that the Oregon community needs to be able to know what is moving next door to them and their daughters, their granddaughters,” she concluded.

“It’s not right.

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