Throughout National Hospitality Week, Every Child Will Thank Oregon Foster Care Providers

The week of October 9-16 will see the very first observance of National Hospitality Week. It will begin this week. Every Child Oregon came up with the idea for National Hospitality Week, which recruits volunteers to honour those who provide care for children.

Her work over the years has been crucial in assisting Oregon in meeting the demands for foster care across the state and in attracting an increasing number of people to support the child welfare system as a whole.

It is the intention of the organization’s affiliate in central Oregon (which includes the counties of Deschutes, Crook, and Jefferson) to express gratitude to local workers by sending thank-you cards, delivering refreshments, and hosting a catering meals for social workers.

The attention of other states has been drawn. National Hospitality Week is being observed in fourteen additional states, all of which are doing so by honouring those who provide care for others and putting radical love into action in child welfare offices around the state.

During National Hospitality Week, individuals in the community are asked to participate in the youth ministry of their local church by extending an act of thoughtfulness to those who work in social services. There are a variety of activities that can be done, such as sending thank-you notes, providing coffee, giving gift cards, packaging grooming boxes, and more.

Every Child Will Thank Oregon Foster Care Providers
Every Child Will Thank Oregon Foster Care Providers

Every Child Oregon, which is a project of The Contingent, has had the purpose of providing hospitality for social workers for quite some time. In point of fact, it was just this concept that served as the impetus for the establishment of the charitable organisation in the year 2012.

The local community leaders who conceived of the idea to paint and furnish nine local child protection agencies in the Portland region laid the groundwork for the establishment of the nonprofit organisation that bears their name.

Since that time, Every Child Oregon has not only emerged as the most successful foster care recruiter in the state of Oregon but the organisation has also garnered acclaim on the national level. The charitable organisation currently has operations across the entire country.

β€œA confident and caring workforce is key to supporting children and families,” said Rebecca Jones Gaston, Oregon director of child welfare. β€œEvery Child Oregon has not only helped fill the need for foster care, but also the need for general community support for child care workers. Not everyone needs to become a foster parent in order to contribute to supporting families involved in the child welfare system.”

If you would like to get involved in the well-being of children in Oregon, visit

β€œWe have created a new model, a very successful model,” said Brooke Gray, executive director of Every Child Oregon. β€œAnyone can get involved with Every Child to support children, families and the staff of the child welfare system. You may not be able to be a foster parent, but everyone can do something to support children in a variety of ways, big and small!”

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