As Wildfire Smoke Persists, The DEQ Issues An Air Quality Advisory For Six Oregon Counties

This week, the Department of Environmental Quality issued a warning about the air quality and stated that it is unusual to see such a large area afflicted by smoke at this point in the year. According to the people we talked to, they are noticing.

Jim Cowan, who is currently in Portland on business, commented that there is unequivocal smoke.

Michael Yun, a resident of Portland, commented that “I personally have asthma, so it does have an effect on my breathing.” [citation needed]

Beginning on Monday, the Department of Environmental Quality of Oregon issued an air quality advisory for six counties throughout the state. This extensive influence into October, according to a representative for the department, is extremely unprecedented.

They claimed that the absence of wind and rain, combined with the abnormally warm weather for this time of year, is keeping the smoke from previous wildfires trapped in the air.

A conversation that took place with Dr Shyam Joshi from OHSU revealed that smoke is an irritant that can affect anyone.

According to Dr Shyam Joshi, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and Section Chief of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, “I saw several patients down in the Eugene, Corvallis area and their air quality is bad right now.”

Those who are predisposed to allergic reactions may experience symptoms that are more severe than those brought on by seasonal allergies.

DEQ Issues An Air Quality Advisory For Six Oregon Counties
DEQ Issues An Air Quality Advisory For Six Oregon Counties

According to Dr. Joshi, “it’s not just the nose, folks can experience shortness of breath, difficulty breathing.”

Dr Joshi offers some advice that may be helpful.

Dr Joshi recommends “staying indoors when feasible,” and if you are going to be indoors, “getting a HEPA filter, so an air purifier.”

Even if you do go outside, there are steps you may take to reduce the risk.

“When you come inside, wash your face, wash your hands, and perhaps change clothing to get any of those irritants and allergens off your body,” Dr Joshi said. “This will help get any of those allergens and irritants off your body.”

Still, tourists like Jim report that they are having a good time in the region, despite the fact that the photo quality isn’t the best for the memories they will take away.

“The photographs are great to look at. Jim explained, “I’ve been photographing photos with my camera, but even then, there’s a lack of that clarity you normally get, that glitter.”

The DEQ has stated that the alert will remain in effect through Friday, and they have a meeting scheduled for Friday morning to discuss the most recent information regarding the state’s air quality. They advise utilising the OregonAIR app to monitor the air quality in your area.

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