According To Airbnb, Almost 1000 Halloween Parties In Oregon Were Stopped In 2021

Airbnb has announced that they are taking preemptive measures to crack down on disruptive celebrations in light of the fact that Halloween is a popular holiday among partygoers and people who throw parties.

Airbnb continues to work on the problem despite the fact that it has always been against its policy to restrict unauthorised parties at any of its rentals.

Following the events of COVID-19, the platform announced in August 2020 that it will temporarily prohibit all parties and events from being listed. This prohibition, which had been in place “until further notice” prior to June 2022, was eventually made into a permanent policy during that month.

The year 2020 was also the year in which Halloween-specific regulations were adopted by Airbnb. Since that time, the policies have remained in place and, according to reports, have demonstrated their usefulness.

According to Airbnb’s official statement, “We believe there is a direct association between our introduction of the policy in August of 2020 and a 44% year-over-year decline in the rate of party reports.” “Our Host community has responded well to the prohibition, and we have gotten an encouraging response from community leaders and government authorities.”

1000 Halloween Parties In Oregon Were Stopped
1000 Halloween Parties In Oregon Were Stopped

After the restrictions were revised in 2021, Airbnb estimates that there were approximately 1,300 possible Halloween parties in the state of Oregon that were not allowed to be booked because of the change.

The restrictions do not allow individuals who have no reviews, or who have no ratings that are positive, to make bookings for a single night in an entire home.

In a similar vein, Airbnb customers who do not have any positive reviews are unable to make reservations for two nights in a whole property if they are located within a specific location or if they are requesting a reservation at the last minute. These prospective guests could either be referred to listings that accept them or have their ability to make reservations completely disabled.

The new guideline will be used for other holidays, like the Fourth of July and New Year’s, when people often throw parties for their friends and family.

Additionally, this year Airbnb introduced brand new anti-party technology in both the United States and Canada. The new technologies not only look at the reviews that a potential guest has left, but they also consider how long that individual has been using the platform, how close they are to the listing, and other factors.

The new regulations will not have an impact on the vast majority of Airbnb users because they comply with the site’s policies.

“It does not take effect for people who do have a history of positive reviews,” Ben Breit with Airbnb Public Affairs explained. “This means that people who have repeatedly demonstrated that when they make a booking that they are not being dishonest and that they are respecting the property and respecting neighbours will not be affected by this change.”

If you have any queries concerning the activities you can participate in during your stay, Breit recommends that you ask the host.

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