Christine Drazan’s Strategic Masterstroke Began With A Case Of Fomo

There is a possibility that Oregon will choose a Republican for governor for the first time in forty years.

I’m aware of it, you young revolutionaries; just try to keep your cool. It is normal to have anxious feelings. It is an unsettling duality that Portland, Oregon, is a peculiarly liberal city, and it has been for as long as many of us have been alive. On the other hand, Oregon’s rural counties are sometimes very conservative, and this contrast creates an awkward atmosphere.

Because Portland’s dense population and the liberal voting majority have kept the entire state blue for a generation, it is particularly remarkable that for the first time in such a long time, Oregon might start seeing red. This is because Portland has kept the entire state blue. I’m not nervous. Why should I be worried about this?

Christine Drazan's Strategic Masterstroke
Christine Drazan’s Strategic Masterstroke

As the Republican nominee for governor, Christine Drazan made major waves in Salem as the House minority leader. There, her obstructionist mode of operation earned her a reputation as either necessarily bold or unnecessarily confrontational, depending on who you ask. Drazan is now running on the Republican ticket for governor.

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