Over The Past Four Years, More Than 1000 Coyotes Have Been Killed In Oregon’s “Killing Competitions”

Hunters and wildlife management experts like Finley are openly criticising these competitions as unethical and pointless as they spread across the country. According to Tony Wasley, who is also a hunter and the president of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and the director of the Nevada Department of Wildlife, “killing contests are ethically uncomfortable for most members of society. Hunting shouldn’t be competitive because doing so ultimately diminishes the worth of life and erodes respect for the prey.

Coyotes, foxes, and other wildlife species continue to be demonised by those who support the competitions in an effort to defend these killing sprees, but their arguments are increasingly being rejected by the general public. According to a poll conducted in January 2022 by the unbiased company Remington Research Group, a massive 80% of Americans are against killing competition.

Another survey revealed that Oregonians support a ban with a comparable level of fervour. According to a survey conducted by Ohio State University researchers, between 1978 and 2014, the public’s favourable opinions toward coyotes, who are the most common target of killing competitions, increased by 47%, with the majority of respondents expressing such attitudes.

The researchers hypothesised that this rise in coyote-friendly attitudes may be a sign that Americans are becoming more worried about the animals’ welfare.

Other research, such as The Nature of Americans report, has revealed that Americans have a wide range of interests in nature, value connecting with it, and favour the preservation of animal species and their ecosystems. And a keystone study, America’s Wildlife Values project, has documented a significant shift in public attitudes toward a mutualist view of wildlife.

1000 Coyotes Have Been Killed In Oregon
1000 Coyotes Have Been Killed In Oregon

The belief is that humans and wildlife should coexist and that the welfare of animals is important, as opposed to a traditional view of wildlife, of human mastery and that wildlife, should be managed for human benefit. The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies has emphasised that in order for wildlife agencies to stay relevant in the future, they must appeal to a wider population.

The public trust doctrine, which maintains that government must safeguard wildlife for the benefit of all, opposes allowing a very tiny minority of people to steal the public’s wildlife in exchange for rewards. Furthermore, this has nothing to do with cultural or moral disparities between urban and rural dwellers.

People do not accept actions that they perceive as unnecessary, unsporting, or wasteful when it comes to animals, whether they reside in urban, suburban, or rural settings. Wildlife killing competitions are simply a blood sport that turns murdering animals into a game; neither are they based on tradition nor are they subsistence hunting. Because of this, the activities are already prohibited in eight states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Vermont, and Washington.

Recently, thousands of individuals asked the wildlife authorities in Oregon, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Virginia to outlaw killing competitions as well.

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