Is Stalker Gamma Multiplayer?

This repository contains “currently updated” files for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly G.A.M.M.A. mod pack.

You must download the entire client (large, infrequently updated files) required for this repository to function from the linked discord server, where a group of people is available to assist you with your inquiries and any potential project-related problems:

What IS G.A.M.M.A?

Every single one of the many skilled modders working on the massive GAMMA project is improving the Stalker Anomaly experience in some way. By making all of the GAMMA addons free to use, edit, and repost with modifications as long as the source is acknowledged, I would like to thank all of the modders engaged in this project (original addon author, from Stalker GAMMA). It is preferable to share direct links to the pertinent files stored here rather than reposting specific, unmodified portions of this project because updates to this repository occur often and may hurt the community in the long run.


Grok’s Automated Modular Modpack for Anomaly is referred to as G.A.M.M.A.

G.A.M.M.A. strives to offer a balanced experience that is focused on survival, scavenging, cooking, crafting, and repairing with a lengthy progression and fluid gameplay.

The primary goal of this project is to offer an intuitive, continuously updated, and modular modding framework for Stalker Anomaly, with default settings and gameplay mechanics established to produce an engaging and satisfying sense of progression.

Stalker Gamma Multiplayer
Stalker Gamma Multiplayer

Since very little to no copyrighted content created by other modders is redistributed in this mod pack, it is entirely copyright free. In fact, G.A.M.M.A. automatically downloads and installs every add-on from moddb or GitHub. Installing G.A.M.M.A will directly benefit modders. Additionally, by right-clicking addons and selecting “Visit,” users of the Mod Organizer 2 instance can directly access each addon’s original source (moddb or github page).

Many add-ons are created specifically for this project, such as:

  • A new UI.
  • A rebalanced survival experience focused on crafting, repairing, and cooking.
  • A new economy where traders will only sell you supplies, and where good ammunition will only be available to trustful stalkers.
  • New starting loadouts focused on providing pistols, SMGs, or WW2 guns to have a smoother start with calibers for which you can buy ammo. It also gives you the basic tools to wander the Zone, which is nice for Ironman runs.
  • Rebalanced close-quarter combat to make knives more useful and to free even more inventory slots, yup you can equip 2 pistols and 2 main weapons and still profit from your best knife with a reworked quick melee motion and system.
  • Rebalanced actor damage.
  • Rebalanced sleep.
  • Rebalanced Skill System from Haruka.
  • Overhauled radiation effects and dynamic radiation areas.
  • Many fixes for some major add-ons including the Boomsticks and Sharpsticks gun pack.
  • Intense multiplayer action, supporting up to 32 players.

You can check out www.Focushillsboro.Com for the latest information and news. If you have any queries or suggestions can ask by leaving a comment in our comment section.

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