Is There A Shatterline On Console?

An FPS with cooperative and PvP game modes is called Shatterline. It blends chaotic, quick-fire gunfights with distinctive character traits and equipment. If you’re reading this, you presumably want to know if Shatterline is coming to consoles because it’s presently in early access. We have the solution for you down below, though.

Do consoles have Shatterline?

Shattering is only presently accessible via PC. The game just entered early access, and during this time it will develop and change. It might ultimately make it to a console, but for now, the only way to play it is on a PC using Steam or GeForce Now.

Frag Labs intends to release the game on February 9, 2023, according to the Shatterline Steam page.

Shatterline On Console
Shatterline On Console

Currently, Shatterline provides the following in its early access phase:

The game has 25 weapons and 8 operatives, all of which may be customized using various attachments. Three VERSUS modesβ€”Team Deathmatch, Conquest, and Escortβ€”are played on five different maps, as well as the cooperative rogue-like mode Expedition and story-driven Coop episodes. Additionally, we often rotate special events that feature new, experimental, or modified game modes. A Season Pass with a free and a premium ladder is available starting on Day 1 of Early Access.

Console support may come eventually, but as of now, nothing is certain in that regard. That’s all there is to know about whether Shatterline will be released on consoles. Keep an eye on Prima Games since we will have additional instructions for the game.

The following additions will be made to Shatterline’s official release.

“Shatterline will include a number of new modes at launch, including a competition mode, which was created using suggestions and comments from the gaming community. We’ll finish improving the user interface and balancing the maps, modes, weaponry, and operatives’ skills. There will be cosmetics on sale at the store.”

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