According To The Oregon Health Authority, Boosters And Flu Shots Are Mandatory For The Third Cold

Infectious diseases spread more easily when people spend more time indoors during colder weather. As a result, cases of COVID-19 and the flu are expected to increase starting in November. After two years of mild flu seasons, expertsΒ expect flu cases to riseΒ to levels experienced in the years before the pandemic.

While we are better positioned this year than the previous two with updated COVID-19 boosters, treatments and a level of protection from previous infections, COVID-19 remains the third leading cause of death in the United States. Factor in the anticipated return of the flu, and we may be in for another challenging winter.

However, the significance of vaccination against COVID-19 has not diminished. They are helping to keep people safe while also slowing the spread of the virus. Vaccines provide the most effective defence we have against severe COVID-19 sickness, which can lead to hospitalisation and even death.

Boosters And Flu Shots Are Mandatory
Boosters And Flu Shots Are Mandatory

Despite the fact that children are less likely to have a severe reaction to COVID-19, vaccination can help prevent illness and keep families safe by reducing the likelihood that sickness will be passed from one member to another.

Nevertheless, shots in the arm might be nerve-wracking! A child may feel better if they are shown that other children their age are also receiving vaccinations. And despite the fact that it could sting for a split second, once it’s done, the agony is gone, and they are able to feel secure again!

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