4.4 Magnitude Earthquake Struck Oregon. Did You Feel It?

The United States Geological Survey reported early Friday morning that a magnitude 4.4 earthquake that had its epicentre in Linn County could be felt as far away as Vancouver, Washington.

Shortly before six in the morning, the shaking earthquake’s hypocenter was pinpointed to a location around nine miles southeast of Lacomb, close to Green Peter Lake and the Santiam Wilderness.

Some others were jolted awake by the shaking of the earth, from Cottage Grove to Corvallis, where one person awoke to the sound of their pet birds squawking in fear. At least a dozen people said they felt it in Camas, which is located quite a distance away.

4.4 Magnitude Earthquake Struck Oregon
4.4 Magnitude Earthquake Struck Oregon

The magnitude of the earthquake was only marginally lower than what is required for the “Shake Alert” cell phone pings to be issued by the United States Geological Survey. Residents living close to the epicentre of an earthquake of a magnitude of 4.5 or higher are advised by the agency to “Drop, Cover, and Hold on.”

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