West Coast Leaders And Newsom Sign A Deal To Combat Climate Change

An agreement to work together and make a commitment to combatting climate change was signed by the governors of Oregon and Washington, Gavin Newsom,Β  the governor of California, and the premier of British Columbia.

The leaders of the municipalities along the West Coast got together in San Francisco to talk about the effects that harsh weather has had on their towns. Premier John Horgan of British Columbia stated that his province experienced “atmospheric rivers” and “heat domes.”

Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington, was quoted as saying, “We have seen, we have smelled, and we have suffered through the smoke.”

According to Oregon Governor Kate Brown, the state has been hit by “damages to our maritime ecosystem, flooding, and catastrophic hail storms.”

“Ten days of a heat dome, the likes of which we couldn’t have imagined, worst case scenario,” added Newsom. “We just couldn’t have envisioned it.”

The following items are included in the agreement:

  • Promote an equitable and just transition to a future that is low in carbon emissions and climate-resilient, with an emphasis on investments in areas that are now struggling. Invest in climate infrastructure across the region, such as
  • electric vehicle charging stations, green ports, and a clean and reliable electric grid.
    Safeguard communities, as well as natural and working areas, against the destructive effects of wildfire, drought, heat waves, ocean acidification, and flooding.
  • According to Governor Newsom, “We need to do things radically different,” and “that’s the spirit that defines this agreement,” which is the spirit of collaboration and cooperation.

The statement was made by Governor Brown who stated, “We’re demonstrating we’re much more powerful and influential working together than working alone.”

West Coast Leaders And Newsom Sign A Deal
West Coast Leaders And Newsom Sign A Deal

The leaders from the West Coast got together at Presidio Tunnel Tops, which has just opened with the goal of making it easier for people to get access to green space. The leaders emphasized how critical it was that the accord be fair to all parties. According to Governor Jay Inslee, “When you think about the ways to bring about a more just society, a more equitable society, and a society where everyone has a shot, it’s by establishing a clean energy economy.”

The so-called “Pacific Coast Collaborative,” which had its beginnings in 2008, when Arnold Schwarzenegger was serving as governor of California, was given a new lease on life by the leaders. The agreement includes a provision that asks for the installation of more charging stations for electric vehicles along the west coast.

Recently, Newsom established a list of aggressive climate targets, one of which is to stop the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by the year 2035; other states have followed in his footsteps. Newsom stated that while they do want to compete, they also want to share the best practices. “You heard it from each jurisdiction regarding the competition; but, in an enlightened way, it’s gotten us to where we are now.”

According to the Premier of British Columbia, they “stole practices” and “started right here in California with the low carbon fuel standard.”

The Pacific Coast Collaborative has set a goal to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by at least 80 percent by the year 2050.

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