Voters In Oregon Will Decide On A Firearms Law In The Event Of Widespread Gun Violence

Voters in Oregon will decide in November whether or not to approve a gun proposal that would impose new criteria for purchasing firearms in the state. Voters will decide whether or not to approve the measure in November.

The people who support Measure 114 have high hopes that it will make Oregon a safer place to live, while those who oppose it believe it will have the opposite effect.

To purchase a firearm, one would need a permit as well as a background check under Measure 114. Additionally, the sale of magazines that can store 10 rounds or more would be prohibited, with the exception of those sold to members of the armed forces and law enforcement.

Lift Every Voice Oregon, which is a coalition of faith leaders who came together in reaction to mass shootings, was the driving force behind the initiative. The group had been trying for several years to get the proposal placed on the ballot, and they were finally successful earlier this summer.

On Thursday, an expert from Johns Hopkins University named Daniel Webster stated that, according to their research, this bill might result in fewer people being killed by firearms.

According to Webster, “We have additional studies where we looked at urban counties throughout the states, and we estimated an 11% reduced risk of firearm homicides connected with these types of laws.” [citation needed] “We have other studies where we looked at urban counties throughout the states,” We anticipate that there will be a 54% decrease in the number of deadly mass shootings as a result of these regulations.

Webster also brought up the influence of the removal of legislation restricting the purchase of handguns on the homicide rate in the state of Missouri.

Voters In Oregon Will Decide On A Firearms Law
Voters In Oregon Will Decide On A Firearms Law

“You look at what happened when Missouri removed its handgun purchasing license requirement, and you had a strong increase in homicide rates,” said Webster. “When you look at what happened, you had a severe increase in homicide rates.”

The National Rifle Association, on the other hand, does not believe that the legislation would make the state of Oregon any safer and claims that it would instead make crime rates higher.

“This gun measure is aimed at the folks who obey the law… According to Aoibheann Cline of the NRA, they are no longer capable of being used.

“I was shocked to discover that this would be on the ballot, and the debate now centers on the question: what would this ballot initiative do?” Cline added. “Not only is this the most outrageous gun control program ever proposed, but it offers nothing to solve the issue of gun violence. In reality, it will just be a methodical end to the possession of firearms in the state of Oregon.”

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