Phil Knight Switches Sides And Gives $1 Million To Christine Drazan, A Republican Running For Governor

Betsy Johnson, who is running for governor as an independent candidate, isn’t the only one who will be receiving a large check from Phil Knight before the election in November. According to the documents pertaining to the campaign’s finances, he contributed one million dollars to the Republican candidate Christine Drazan on Thursday.

Willamette Week was the first publication to break the news of the donation from Nike co-founder Phil Knight, which comes just one day after Drazan got a donation of $1.5 million from the Republican Governors Association.

Before this development, Johnson was the only candidate in the campaign for Oregon governor in 2022 to whom Knight had contributed money. Since January 31, 2022, he has given her campaign a total of $3.75 million in the form of four different contributions. The most recent contribution, worth two million dollars, was made on September 1st.

In two surveys that were taken not too long ago, Drazan had a significant lead over Johnson.

The results of an independent survey done by Emerson College and released on Tuesday showed that Drazan has the support of 36% of registered voters in Oregon. Tina Kotek, a Democrat, was not far behind with 34% of the vote, and Johnson was behind all of the other candidates with 19%.

Phil Knight Changes Sides And Gives $1 Million
Phil Knight Changes Sides And Gives $1 Million

According to the results of the study, Drazan is most well-liked by men, who make up 47% of her supporters. Kotek received more support from female voters than any other candidate, garnering 39% of their votes.

A survey that was conducted on September 30 found that 32% of respondents intend to support Drazan, while 31% intend to support Kotek. 18% of those who were polled stated that they are voting for Johnson.

At this point, each of the four candidates has raised roughly the same amount of money through contributions to their campaigns. According to the office of the Oregon Secretary of State, Drazan has raised 13.3 million dollars, Johnson has raised 13.4 million dollars, and Kotek has raised 14.1 million dollars.

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