The Final Pandemic-Related Rental Protections In Oregon Have Expired

On September 30, the last of the statewide eviction safeguards relating to the epidemic came to an end.

Tenants in Oregon who had submitted an application for emergency rental assistance were afforded the so-called “safe harbor” protection against eviction for nonpayment of rent until the previous week. However, it is not the case any longer.

In addition, landlords will again be permitted to employ notices of eviction for nonpayment of rent that is valid for a period of seventy-two hours again.

There is a consensus among advocates for either landlords or tenants that the next session of the state Legislature ought to address the topic of long-term emergency rental assistance.

Jason Miller, the legislative director for the Oregon Rental Housing Association, which is an organization that represents landlords, was quoted as saying, “I think this is one thing we can all get behind.”

“There needs to be rental help, and I think we can all get behind the notion that we need to speed up this process because we don’t want anybody to be waiting around in limbo,” said the person. “We don’t want anybody to be sitting in limbo.”

The Final Pandemic-Related Rental Protections
The Final Pandemic-Related Rental Protections

Miller believes that in order for the legislature to make it work, they will need to find a method to expedite the application process for rental assistance.

More than half a billion dollars was distributed to about 130,000 people under the Emergency Rental Assistance Program in Oregon. However, getting the money to the landlords could take several months at times.

According to Kim McCarty, Executive Director of the Community Alliance of Tenants, “I think that many of the measures that were put in place during the public health emergency were that kind of common ground, and they were sensible.”

“I believe that slowing down the process, giving them the opportunity to acquire the resource and the aid, and then paying their rent is the rational answer, both from the perspective of the tenant as well as the perspective of the landlord.”

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