Oregon Will Continue To Require Masks In Health Facilities, At Least Through Flu Season

Recent events have resulted in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States repealing laws that mandated the use of masks in all healthcare settings.

This new regulation will only take effect in regions that do not have particularly high COVID-19 transmission rates. There are still around 18 counties in the state of Oregon that belong to this group.

In spite of the adjustment made at the federal level, according to the Oregon Health Authority, the state will continue to mandate the use of masks in health care facilities at least during the duration of the respiratory virus season.

“Modeling presented from Oregon Health & Science University looking at the next autumn season predicts COVID-19 infections may begin to climb by November,” the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) said in a statement.

“This is despite the fact that more Oregonians are receiving the bivalent booster.” “The fall is also the time of year when we notice an increase in respiratory infections, including seasonal influenza,” the author writes. The Office for Health Assurance (OHA) noted shortages of both hospital capacity and health care workers as additional reasons to maintain vigilance over viral transmission inside the state.

Oregon Will Continue To Require Masks
Oregon Will Continue To Require Masks

According to the statement, “Oregon may see a flu season equivalent to what we saw right before the pandemic,” which may compound the effect that the pandemic has had on the medical systems in the state.

OHA has stated that it is in the process of formulating a plan that will outline criteria for when it will consider making changes to the existing health care masking standards. In the coming weeks, updated versions of the strategy will be distributed.

PeaceHealth, a major provider of medical services in the states of Oregon and Washington, has stated that it will maintain its policy of requiring patients, doctors, and visitors to wear masks.

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