Readers’ Reactions To The State Mental Hospital “Fisco”. What Was The Matter?

At the Oregon State Hospital, a slow-motion tragedy is taking place because there isn’t enough space for all the people who need beds yet are seriously mentally ill. The confined psychiatric institution was required by a federal judge to clear the backlog by releasing patients who were charged with crimes (“Balloon Effect,” WW, September 21).

Some of the patients will have to return to the streets since the counties where they are being placed don’t have the resources to treat them. Here are some comments made by our readers:

Untrustworthy information from “So much of what is wrong in Oregon, and especially the metro area, is directly linked to the state’s repeated inability to build and administer an effective behavioural health system.”

It’s difficult to see how releasing a group of dangerous individuals with untreated mental illness into the community is anything other than a colossal step in the wrong direction, according to Scrappymutt, via This is true whether you’re a NIMBY conservative who wants to end street camping or a homeless rights activist who wants to protect the unhoused.

Reddit user LDiabloRobotico Conservatives, take action to stop these insane homeless folks! How about taxing the ultra-wealthy at the same rate they paid 50 to 60 years ago in order to fund improved mental health services? Conservatives: “We have tried nothing and have run out of ideas.

Bricks and mortar can help fix a portion of this issue, according to Sophlady via In order to adequately treat the seriously mentally ill, Oregon requires more than one facility. Smaller hospitals should be established in other cities, including Portland.

The psychological stability of the patients would be improved by their proximity to their families and social workers. Three years is too long, in my opinion, to detain people who are frequently charged with offences. In this case, Judge Mosman made a sensible choice. However, individuals who are released must have access to suitable housing and medical care.

I’m a mental health professional who is impaired. It would be fantastic if programmes received more financing, and this funding should also include greater housing help that doesn’t need recipients to be addiction-free in order to qualify.

Readers' Reactions To The State Mental Hospital
Readers’ Reactions To The State Mental Hospital

Additionally, we urgently require that money to pay for the programmes with increased staff compensation. Due to the absurd demands that result from being understaffed, underpaid, and overburdened with clients in crisis, we are in a SERIOUS staffing crisis. I can hardly keep a roof over my own head, much less help others.

We need programmes for adults, as well as programmes that concentrate on assisting people as they enter adulthood to ensure that they don’t initially wind up in terrible situations. Universal health care is another thing that would have a significant, good influence.

When people first struggle with mental health issues, they don’t wind up in those kinds of facilities. That follows years of being ignored financially and refused access to care. Most disabled people are living in poverty. Disability is quite challenging to obtain, and it also doesn’t give you enough money to live on, especially if you’re married.

Even if people were able to find accommodation, it’s likely that they wouldn’t be able to maintain full-time work that would pay enough to cover their housing costs over the long term. All of us are progressively being drained dry, but more so those of us who are dealing with health issues and those of us who support them.

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