Oregon Covid Cases Fell 6.1%, While Lane County Cases Decline By 4.8%

In the week that ended on Sunday, Oregon reported 4,269 new cases of coronavirus, a 6.1% decrease from the week before. The virus that causes COVID-19 has had 4,544 new cases over the previous week.

According to a USA TODAY Network review of Johns Hopkins University statistics, Oregon came in at number 20 among the states where the coronavirus was dispersing the fastest per person. With 323,859 cases recorded in the most recent week, there were 19.4% fewer coronavirus cases in the United States than the week before.

Oregon had 1.32% of the nation’s cases in the previous week with 1.27% of the total population. In the most recent week, there were more cases in 10 states than the week prior.

In the most recent week, Lane County reported 299 cases and six fatalities. It had disclosed 314 cases and six fatalities a week earlier. There have been 631 fatalities and 72,999 cases documented during the pandemic.

18 counties in Oregon had a decrease in the number of cases, with Multnomah County seeing the greatest drops (836 cases from 983 a week earlier, 395 from 453 in Clackamas County, and 354 from 408 in Marion County).

Oregon Covid Cases Fell 6.1%
Oregon Covid Cases Fell 6.1%

The worst weekly outbreaks in Oregon, measured in cases per 100,000 people, occurred in Lake County (369), Jefferson County (276), and Grant County (222). High levels of community transmission, according to the Centers for Disease Control, start at 100 cases per 100,000 each week.

Multnomah County added the most recent instances overall, with 836; Washington County added 597, and Clackamas County added 395. In 14 counties, weekly case numbers increased from the previous week. The counties of Benton, Jefferson, and Linn experienced the worst rate increases from the previous week’s pace.

In Oregon, 41 COVID-19 fatalities were reported in the week ending Sunday. There were 28 reported fatalities in the previous week.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, 8,561 people have died from the coronavirus in Oregon out of the total 894,776 persons who have tested positive for it since the pandemic started. 1,059,605 people have passed away and 96,397,885 persons have tested positive in the US.

Falling Hospital Admissions in Oregon in COVID-19

USA TODAY analyzed federal hospital data as of Sunday, Oct. 2.

  • Last week: 638
  • The week before that: 678
  • Four weeks ago: 714

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