More Volunteers Needed For The Christmas Season By The Stocking Stuffers Organisation

A grassroots organisation of approximately 80 people, coordinated by Cheryl Garr, distributed nearly 900 stuffed Christmas stockings to older people living in senior institutions in the previous year.

“That was the most popular item among senior citizens in the previous year. “They enjoyed the homemade gifts and just the notion that people cared enough to commit time to them,” said Garr. “It showed how much people cared about them.”

As a result of the previous year’s achievements, the organisation is planning to begin earlier and distribute an even greater quantity of those socks stuffed with treats.

“This year we have more stockings to fill, and I think we can do a better job, quality control and getting people to deliver, capturing the experience of delivering a little bit more and sharing that,” said Garr. “This year we also have more stockings to fill than we did last year.”

When Garr first started helping the seniors around the holidays two years ago, he was inspired by the idea of doing so. Garr mentioned that she realised how lonely the elderly seemed when working at a place for senior citizens. Her daughter worked there.

At this point, she plans to distribute over a thousand Christmas stockings. The organisation now has only about 30 volunteers and is searching for additional assistance.

More Volunteers Needed For The Christmas Season
More Volunteers Needed For The Christmas Season

“What we need is people to sew stockings or even cut the material, as well as people who want to buy the material,” said Garr. “People that want to buy the material.” “Up until now, we have been handling everything on our own, which is great but also useful.

Garr suggests keeping a few things in mind if you wish to make a donation to the cause. Candles and materials that could be construed as political or biased cannot be accepted as donations, however, there are many other things that can be given.

Garr suggested things like “puzzle books, note pads, any little arts & crafts, and sketch pads.” In Central Oregon, she wants to visit as many nursing homes as she can, but she also has bigger goals in mind for the future.

“Our objective is to keep this running year after year and maybe even spread it,” said Garr. “Our intention is to keep this going year after year.” “If I’m being completely honest, I have my sights set on the entire state of Oregon in the very near future.”

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