“Betsy Is The Real Deal” In The Oregon Governor’s Campaign

We have heard the candidates’ perspectives on almost all current problems as Oregon’s election day approaches. The list of issues includes homelessness, violence, Covid, abortion, the urban-rural split, and more. The capacity to manage a huge organization and managerial abilities are two topics that have received little attention in the race to become the next governor of Oregon.

The total budget for Oregon is far over $100 billion, with the general fund budget hovering around $30 billion. There are more than 40,000 state employees, plus thousands more who work under contract. That places our state in the same category as major corporations like Intel, Nike, significant hospital systems, and the biggest businesses in Oregon.

Betsy Is The Real Deal
Betsy Is The Real Deal

Not a place for a CEO who is inexperienced, timid, or untested. Oregon’s governance has made a point of failure in recent years. The administration of our state is a classic illustration of the well-known Peter Principle. The Columbia Crossing, the Employment Department’s handling of claims during Covid, and recent initiatives to create comprehensive user-friendly websites are just a few excellent instances of management.

In comparison to her two rivals, Betsy Johnson has a definite advantage in that area. For many years, Betsy owned and ran a medium-sized business, and her signature appeared on the front of paychecks. She has also held board positions with a number of significant institutions. All experiences that her rivals are unable to claim. Since I am a Tillamook County elected official, I have known Betsy for more than 20 years.

Regardless of her political stance, I’ve seen her fulfill commitments and find solutions to issues. She is as familiar with the state budget as a pastor is with the Bible. I’ve witnessed Betsy sob and heard her examine a government agency in incredibly lucid terms. Betsy is a genuine person. Betsy will take the difficult decisions required to provide services and maintain state government departments’ accountability.

If you can’t provide, look for another job. a task that our state administration has not been able to complete in a long time. Government employees should not be a lifetime guarantee. It is possible for Betsy Johnson to be sensitive, understanding, patient, and compassionate. She can also be determined, firm, and results-oriented. She is my pick to be the future governor of Oregon because of this.

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