National Throw Short People Day: When Is It Celebrated?

National toss short people day 2022, also known as national throw a short person day, is today. This is a day that all short people dread. If you’ve never heard of or observed national chuck a short person day, read the article below to learn more about the holiday’s origins and when it falls.

Which Was The National Throw Short People Day In 2021?

Every year on October 21, National Throw Short People Day 2021 is celebrated. An internet prank from a while back has become a countrywide toss short people day among Gen Z today. You can throw someone you know or have a friend throw if they are under 5’6″ or 5’4″ tall. Students in high school and college around the world like playing this joke on each other. Internet memes about the perennially funny jokes about short people and tall people frequently address this issue. Find out when and how National Throw Short People Day is observed by reading the information below.

When Will National Throw Short People Day Be Celebrated In 2022?

The Day’s exact origin is unknown, and some people commemorate it on different days, therefore there are some variances. Some claim it happens on October 24 while others claim it happens on December 22. The idea of the Day, whatever it may be, is the same as throwing your short, 5-foot 4-inch friend. They don’t have to be thrown over anything or anyone. Pick them up and joke-throwing them. You can use this joke on a friend who is 5’4″ even if you are 5’6″. In the internet jokes circulating about National Throw Short People Day, you can also post or tag your short buddies. To learn more about National Throw Short People Day, continue reading.

How Is National Throw Short People Day Celebrated?

Draw attention to the benefits of being short โ€“ On National Short Person Day, make it a point to draw attention to the many advantages. Being short has several advantages, such as allowing you to shop in the petite or normal clothes departments and allowing you to see everything at a concert or movie theatre without blocking anyone’s view. Honor your buddies. Make sure you tell your short friends or family how wonderful they are. Telling them it’s National Short Person Day through text or phone call can ensure they feel loved and accepted. If you are tall, wear flat shoes; instead of choosing shoes that will enhance height, choose the flattest pair you own to demonstrate your support.

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