Promoter Of A Country Music Festival Admits Fraud. What Was The Matter?

This year saw the cancellation of three country music events in the states of Oregon and Idaho, and it wasn’t due to the epidemic.

Allegedly, payments to the vendors who set up shop at the Country Crossing Music Festival, which was most recently hosted at the Jackson County Fairgrounds in southeast Oregon, were not made. The Linn County officials decided to revoke the permit for the Willamette Country Music Festival in Brownsville because of the lax security and excessive drinking that occurred there.

The festival’s promoter was let go at the end of 2018 after performers and sponsors had already gone. Both festivals in Oregon made the decision to cease their operations earlier this year. The Mountain Home Country Music Festival, which took place in southern Idaho, is no longer taking place.

Prosecutors from the federal government are currently filling up the details of why this occurred. According to Craig Gabriel, who is the head of the criminal division at the United States Attorney’s Office, the promoter, Anne Hankins, who is 53 years old, was a “serial fraudster.” After entering a guilty plea on Wednesday to charges of wire fraud and money laundering, she is now facing a possible sentence of up to 30 years in jail.

Hankins allegedly fabricated bank papers in order to convince the main owner of her promotional company, the talent agency that was once known as WME, to buy her out for $1.5 million, as stated in court filings that were filed in the U.S. District Court.

She informed WME in a monthly financial update that was sent through email that the business had 1.1 million dollars in the bank. In point of fact, there was $16,000 available. That was fraud involving the wires.

Promoter Of A Country Music Festival Admits Fraud
Promoter Of A Country Music Festival Admits Fraud

After that, Hankins engaged in money laundering by making a reparation payment to the United States Circuit Court in the amount of $251,445.

This was because Hankins submitted a “false loan application” in the year 2002, which led to his imprisonment for bank fraud. She was sentenced to thirty days in jail and had to pay the $350,000 back to the U.S. Bank.

However, she had a hard time making the restitution payments for many years, and even after ten years, she had only paid back $13,044. She reached an agreement with the bank, but the prosecution insisted that she pay the full amount into a government fund for the compensation of victims of crime.

In 2018, her festivals were making news, but not because of the headliners that were performing at them. (Among them were artists such as Kid Rock and Brad Paisley.) Instead, the suppliers expressed their dissatisfaction at not being paid. After a certain point, Bi-Mart withdrew its sponsorship, and the three festivals were never held again.

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