Police Certificates Of Officers Will Be Canceled If The State Board Votes To Do So

There have been allegations leveled against nearly a dozen law enforcement officers in the state of Oregon, including two who have served with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon State Police. These allegations include allegations of theft and driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The Department of Safety Standards and Training is the state department that is in charge of certifying and licensing law enforcement officers, emergency dispatchers, private investigators, and other professionals who work in fields related to the legal system. In addition to this, the department conducts investigations into situations involving officer discipline, which may include economic punishments.

The Police Policy Committee of DPSST has presented recommendations to the board of the department regarding the disciplinary action that should be taken against 11 officers. The voting is scheduled on October 27.

According to the court documents, Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy Jerry Wollenschlaeger retired medically with a settlement agreement in November 2019. This occurred during an ongoing criminal investigation into his alleged theft of a $12 credit from a video poker machine. Wollenschlaeger was charged with theft for the alleged theft. Wollenschlaeger and the woman whose money he spent came to an amicable agreement, and he repaid her the full amount, which was $1,000.

According to the active document that has been recommended by DPSST, his certification will be canceled permanently.

Raymond Dube, a former officer with the state police, was let go in October 2019, following allegations that he had lied during a criminal investigation into whether or not he had been intoxicated while driving his vehicle. The investigation was looking into whether or not he had been driving while impaired. The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) conducted an investigation, and then issued a notice of intent to revoke his police certification because, according to the inquiry report, Dube did not “meet the requirements of good moral fitness.” It has been proposed by the Police Policy Committee that Dube’s certification be revoked for a period of ten years.

Police Certificates Of Officers Will Be Canceled
Police Certificates Of Officers Will Be Canceled

DPSST was conducting an investigation into a criminal citation that involved a domestic disturbance that was issued to Tyrone Jenkins, who had previously worked as a deputy for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. The decision to not prosecute was made by the district attorney for Linn County. The Police Policy Committee advises the board to take no action against his certificates based on their recommendation.

The former deputy chief of the Salem Police Department, Steve Bellshaw, is another person who is the subject of an inquiry by DPSST. The board will not be discussing his situation at their upcoming meeting.

At the beginning of this year, Bellshaw fulfilled the requirements of the separation agreement that allowed him to retire and receive severance money in the amount of $53,500. The separation agreement is being investigated by DPSST at this time. The Salem Reporter was the first outlet to break the story.

The Statesman Journal’s requests for records pertaining to the DPSST inquiry were turned down, with the exception of the broad release of the agreement.

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