OHA Is Being Sued By Three Significant Oregon Hospital Systems For Allegedly Providing Inadequate Mental Health Support

To file this claim, PeaceHealth, Providence Health and Services, and Legacy Health have teamed up.

They contend that the Oregon Health Authority has not offered adequate assistance to those who require mental health care, especially those who are legally committed. Patients who are regarded to be a threat to themselves or others may be institutionalized against their will.

The OHA is accused in the paper of failing to provide timely access to effective care and of “abandoning civilly committed patients and leaving them for extended periods of time in acute care community hospitals.”

They claim that their facilities are not set up to give the patients the long-term care they require. The language used in the documents expresses worries about the admissions procedure at the Oregon State Hospital, one of the state’s hospitals for mental care.

OHA Is Being Sued By Three Significant Oregon Hospital Systems
OHA Is Being Sued By Three Significant Oregon Hospital Systems

Here is a quote from the lawsuit:

“OHA has defended its actions by offering expedited admission to the Oregon State Hospital (OSH) for certain civilly committed individuals. But OSH has limited expedited admission to only those civilly committed patients who are severely violent (which most are not) and has gone so far as to require the patient to injure others while in an acute care hospital to even be considered for admission. While care providers are routinely assaulted (be it kicked, punched, shoved, or bitten), rarely is that enough to gain expedited admission to OSH.”

β€œOregon Health Authority (OHA) and Oregon State Hospital (OSH) remain focused on the care of the hospital’s patients and supporting them on their road to recovery as they search for a new path forward.”

To reduce the burden on their systems, the plaintiffs are asking the courts to impose fundamental modifications.

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